Hey do you guys think I could come back?

Hey did the clan break up? Can't find you guys

Hey guys... How are things going?

Will be back in a little bit guys. Gonna help done friends out for a while

Lucio, Sher, can you come on? I just recruited someone from global. Crystal 2. I promised him elder if he would join. Lol 

Shall we start a war? When shall we start a war?

We are voting - should we a war once a week? Yes or No?

Hey guys :) to keep you in the loop ... when do you guys think we should start our next war? Today? Tomorrow? Or should we wait till we have level 5 or 6 wizards for defense? Share your thoughts on this one ;) And if u give the wrong answer - I will look for u and I will find you and I will .... lol just kidding :P

Welcome Alex ;)

Don't know how that pic got on there...still new at this...
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