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Our Queen of soul
Aretha Franklin has Saturn and Uranus ruling in Taurus. Rest in power Sistar.

Google+ is a way for me to further connect you to your readings by way of your astrological sign. There are messages in song and musical notes that are universal messages from me to you. Treats being shared with all sun, moon, and rising signs are active, current, or potential energies that circulate and surround you. Listen close for your personal messages. Messages that resonate with your mind, body, and spirit all of which comes direct from benevolent Spirit.

Who said Spirit doesn't have rhythm. There are so many ways to get messages to those who need to know. And when you're missing me know that the The Universe is always on time. Thank you for your patience, trust, and patronage.

I uncover hidden energies and share how they work. You recognize the energies and what motivates them within your environment. It is better to be aware of what may be occurring to recognize what can happen before it affects the future of your reality. My Tarot readings are based on inquiry into what may exist and are binding. Once acknowledged you can then take steps to understand why it is happening and alter things that do not serve your best interest, or situations that may not yield favorable conditions for you. You can intercept negative energies by changing your path before the causes affect your reality.
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