Still waiting for Dr. David Shulkin to mess up so that I can file a lawsuit against him . Dan Martinez for secretary of Veterans affairs

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Senator Moran, keep up the excellent work for the Veterans in Kansas. However, in real consciousness, I cannot get on board and endorse Dr. Shulkin MD for confirmation of Veterans Affairs reason: (1) ICC agrees with you that the secretary is supposed to find ways to expand VA benefits to veterans, not “Narrow them.’ That would a conflict of interest for Dr. Shulkin MD, a violation of the Medical Ethics for licensed medical doctors. (2) Dr. Shulkin MD is engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law. Dr. Shulkin is not an attorney and not licensed nor does he know the law to supervise another attorney [p]eriod. Dr. Shulkin MD, attorney employees, are engaged in conflict with attorney’s ethical bar subjecting lawyers to lose their license to practice law and subjecting Dr. Shulin to be engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law. Only the Federal Courts have the inherent power to rule [who can and who cannot engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law on this matter. (3) Dr. Shulkin in his confirmation hearing is trying to place the blame on Congress and the Senate because of their of lack of funding the VA. As an expert, I say no more additional funding in necessary. The VA needs a creative Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs which Dr. Shulkin is not. Because some Senator/Congress are ignorant of the law, veterans will continue to die. I and my company; ( ICC) will do our best to see that those Senators/Congress members do not make it in the 2018 election. I also have no choice but to file a lawsuit against Dr. Shulkin MD for medical ethical violations to include but not limited to the Unauthorized Practice of Law Pursuant to Federal Rule 57 Declaratory Judgement to save the immediate lives of our veterans. You are the only senator that understands this. Your other colleagues are ignorant of the laws or just don’t care if Veterans continue to die while waiting for benefits and medical care – those officials shall be removed come 2018.
Dan Martinez ICC, CEO

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To: Senator Johnny Isakson chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. The VA is in Violation of the constitution V, IX VIV and is murdering us. Stop it now.

As a veteran, the Senate must get this right, this time, or more veterans are going to continue to die every day. Us Veterans don’t care what the nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs has done in the past. We care about what the nominee is going to do to right now to save the lives of our veteran on American soil, and to provide them with proper care, “Now, not tomorrow, but now.” Not one pretext is acceptable other than “zero veterans will die.”

Here is a confirmation guide designed to get those answers that, as a veteran, I would want the Senate to consider. Pass this on to your fellow senators.

Questions to ask candidates: Dan Martinez, Pete Hegseth, Scott Brown, Toby Cosgrove, Sarah Palin, John Miller, Louis Quinonez, and other candidates that think they can make the Veterans Administration more productive as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in a confirmation hearing.

The Senate. Congress does not care what a candidate has accomplished in the past. They simply want answers what the nominee is going to do as Secretary of Veterans Affairs - that will save Veterans lives - That ALL.

1. What is the definition of a Root Cause Analysis?

2. Based on your answer, what did Principi, Eric Shinseki, and Bob Mc Donald do wrong base on your understand of Root Cause Analysis(RCA).
3. Why haven’t you studied the fallacies of Principi, Eric Shinseki, and Bob Mc Donald before you came before this congress/senate?
4. Do you want to postpone this confirmation hearing until you have time to analyze the Root Cause of Principi, Eric Shinseki, and Bob MC Donald? If not, we will proceed.
5. How can you guarantee to this Senate that no more Veterans will die in your administration due to long waiting lines and inefficient medical care? If not, why not.?
6. Based on the average of 20 veterans dying per day, how many veterans will die while you perfect the root cause of the VA’s failures and correct them to Zero a day?
7. What is wrong with Martinez’s root cause analysis (RCA) by closing ALL VA Hospitals transferring treatment to Local Hospitals and Doctors.
8. Are you in the opinion that local Hospital and Doctors do not have the special skills to treat VA Patients effectively? If yes, why, if No why not?
9. Would closing the VA Hospital save taxpayers money and at the same time give better treatment to our Veterans?
10. Are you going to ask this congress/ senate for more money to operate the VA Hospitals, when there are Local Hospitals already up and running and don’t need any special funds to run their hospitals?
11. How can you attract the best doctors to work at the VA when the best doctors work at local hospitals or in private practice?
12. Are doctors paid more in private Hospitals than the VA Hospitals? Note you are here to be confirmed, why do you not know the answer?
13. Are you trying to run the VA Hospitals as a business? If that is correct what are the advantage? Be specific.
14. If you are an MD, would there be a medical ethical problem on other duties you are required to do at the VA hospitals such as disability benefits, rating disabilities, educational benefits, IME’s, pension, etc?
15. Would there be a conflict of interest for your VA doctors to give an Independent medical evaluation (IME) knowing the VA has a budget to consider when establishing disability benefits? If not, why Not?
16. Have you checked with the Medical ethics board to see if there is a conflict of interest?
17. Have you ever rated a veteran for disability, pension, educational benefits rehabilitation before?
18. How can you supervise VA executives when they know more than you will ever know? If you fire them, then you would be lost. Therefore, how can you assure this will not happen, especially, if the federal unions are involved.
19. Do you understand the constitution amendment V, IX, and XIV?
20. Based on your understanding has the VA violated the constitution if no why not? If yes Why?
21. Does Title 38 CFR exempt the VA from Violating the Constitution of the United States, V, IX? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Dan Martinez For Secretary of Veterans Affairs


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Dan Martinez Secretary for veterans Affairs. I will proceed after the Trump Inauguration. to file a lawsuit against Bob McDonald current secretary of Veterans affairs and Gail Murphy for Fraud, Misrepresentation , willful misconduct, violation of the constitution and other legal remedies during discovery procedings. The statute of limitations commence on 12/12/2016 thru 12/12/2018

Gail Murphy You are totally unaware of the MyVA that is revolutionizing the VA. In just under 2 years, McDonald has zeroed in on the most important things that need to be overhauled. This is the 2nd largest agency in our government- so no small feat. These changes that have started need to be completed and our biggest hurdle is Congress that continues to bypass legislation that is needed to make many changes!
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Gail Murphy
Gail Murphy The only one with true common sense is McDonald who truly knows business and truly cares about veterans. MANY veterans groups-those we are serving!- KNOW what is in the works and have actually ASKED for McDonald to continue his service!! You need to do your homework.
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Dan Martinez Secretary Of Veterans Affairs: With Specificity MyVA is what the secretary have been trying to do for over 50 years. The language has changed but the outcome hasn't. what is wrong that a veteran can't go to his own doctor of choice and have VA pay for it. the government saves on over head cost of 3 trillion in 10 years. The Government in interfering with the doctor-patient relationship. What say you ? Dan Martinez Candidate for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
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Gail Murphy
Gail Murphy MyVA is the product of months of research and work with a group of specialists in their fields. Many veterans are already getting care outside the VA. We all agree that when needed vets should be able to see doctors outside the VA. That is happening. W...See More
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Dan Martinez

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Dan Martinez Secretary Of Veterans Affairs: Gail congress has nothing to do with you the My VA project. If Mc Donald wants to be a welfare recipient, then be so. I would not have to go to congress to plead for money. I would sell ALL VA Hospitals and provide the fund to better the VA for our Veterans. Veterans are waiting to die because of inconstancies within the department of Veterans affairs. My self and others Veterans believe Mc Donald is committing Murder by having his veterans wait for care when they can just go down the street and see a specialist at their local hospital. There is no reasoning here.
If I become Secretary of Veterans affairs, I will prosecute Bob McDonald for Gross Negligence and willful Misconduct. I would recommend that McDonald go to Obama and ask for a full pardon. If you disagree explain to the public. We are waiting.
The definition of My VA:
VA is undergoing a radical transformation to improve our relationship with our Veterans. This relationship is the cornerstone for all that VA does. This connection begins the moment a person joins the military and lasts through final honors. VA is the bridge that helps Veterans transition to civilian life, and we continue to support them through other key life events, such as learning a trade or getting a degree. The foundation of that relationship is built on trust and respect. It must be built to last a lifetime.
Veteran and employee relationships are inextricably linked. We cannot improve service to Veterans without improving how VA develops, supports and empowers employees to provide the world-class service we intend to deliver. We’re developing training and tools that will help employees at every level to become exceptionally effective, efficient and successful. This is an essential piece of VA’s transformation and drive to improve performance.

Click on the image to see how MyVA is building trusted relationships.
The bottom line is that we all want Veterans to be proud of VA and feel it is an ally actively working in their best interests. We hope their experience will be so excellent that they will recommend VA to their closest friends and family. We want employees to find even more pride and meaning in their service at VA. In short, we want both Veterans and employees to be so proud of their association with VA that they refer to it as “MyVA.”
Today, we’re sharing the latest integrated view of how we are going to work together to achieve the MyVA vision. The MyVA Implementation Plan is not intended to be a detailed step-by-step operational plan or program plan, but rather a framework for how we will mobilize our resources to implement this transformation in a synchronized, efficient and effective manner. Execution will be the real key to success, to include relentless follow through and the agility required to quickly and iteratively adjust course as we learn.
The implementation plan was recently briefed to the MyVA Advisory Committee, a group of experts from the private, non-profit and government sectors to assist in reorienting the department to better meet the needs of Veterans. The advisory committee meets multiple times per year and conducts periodic reviews to ensure the department achieves the goals of MyVA.
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Gail Murphy
Gail Murphy, We have a world class group working to change the VA. This cannot be done overnight to the 2nd largest agency in our government. Oh, that we could do that with the rest of the government!!!
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Gail Murphy
Gail Murphy, You are right on only one thing- Congress has nothing to do with MyVA. McDonald has gone to all our VA facilities, talked with many in all the facilities, and mapped out a plan with the help of a committee of experts that he has assembled. What does that mean 'does he want to be a welfare recipient???' News flash, you HAVE to go through Congress for funds and permissions. That is the biggest hurdle. You have NO idea how this works!!! Things are continuing to improve at the VA. The VA has had more than 4 million more appointments and most wait times are decreasing. Sure, more needs done. You can't change an organization this huge in a short time- but it is happening. Many veterans are already accessing outside care. You want to accuse this public servant of murder-seriously??- I used to think you were just uninformed, but now I am truly wondering if you are rather crazy. The proof is in the pudding. Most veteran groups KNOW what is happening (unlike you) and actually want McDonald to continue as Secretary. I only pray that his bold initiatives will play out to fruition with the next Secretary.
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Dan Martinez Fo Secretary of Veterans Affairs : Gail Murphy Short of calling you delusional, where can this world class group be found. Play with me and I will get your information from the internet and will file a lawsuit and take your deposition for misrepresentation and deception practice and will seek attorney fees. Shall we play? I am your hackberry. Dan Martinez Candidate for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
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Gail Murphy
Gail Murphy A lawsuit for what?? Threats are unacceptable to all. We are done.
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Dan Martinez Secretary for Veterans affairs
Dan Martinez Gail Murphy :Thank you. I will proceed after the Trump Inauguration. The statute of limitations commence on 12/12/2016 thru 12/12/2018. Have wonderful Christmas.
Dan Martinez Secretary for veterans Affairs.
Cc Donald J. Trump
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Pete Hegseth, has the same unqualified skills to lead the Veteran’s Administration as Sarah Palin, Jeff Miller and Scott Brown.

These candidates cannot deliver a signature achievement to Donald Trump that would be in place at the Veterans administration for decades with Dan Martinez as Secretary of Veterans affairs If President- elect trump would allow Dan to debate with the four potential nominees, Dan would bring them to shame and they would stop playing games and therefore, will withdraw their interest.

Dan would bring to the table that he is the best candidate over Scott Brown, Jeff Miller, Pete Hegseth and Sarah Palin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs - here’s why”.

1. The first 120 days, I will close all VA Hospitals allowing veterans to use local doctors and hospitals of their choice with no co- pay or deductible.

a. The United States has thousands of Doctors and Hospitals that can give our Veterans Immediate care. The VA will never “ever” have waiting list/line for medical care again.

b. There will be federal unions contesting the closure of hospitals, but they have no authority of any kind to keep VA hospital’s open. This will be one of Trump's signature achievements for decades to come.

c. To offset the cost, VA hospitals will be sold to the private sector which will update the hospitals to meet medical regulations.
d. keeping the VA hospitals open is a waste of money and the life of 80,000 veterans who have died waiting for proper care.

2. The second 120 days Dan shall settle ALL backlogs claims and Appeals of 420,000 filed by veterans for disability benefits.

a. This will happen by requiring every staff member and management to expedite claim immediately to complete the claims process to the end and not pass it on to another department to gather addition information. “Get on the phone to claimants and get the information you need to complete the claim”. This will eliminate years of backlogs. "Just pick up the damn phone."

3. The Third 120 days Dan shall simplify/ rewrite the VA’s Administrative rules/ regulations so that our VA system will never “ever” be backlogged again.
a. VA language has been modified so much that VA employees misinterpret the rules and regulation on a continuous basis, even to a point of arguing on the interpretation of a simple word or medical terminology and procedures. Dan will end that immediately.

4. None of the above candidates have internal operation experience with the veterans administration. They can't get this job done and at the same time give the veterans better care and benefits in a timely manner. The above-mentioned candidates can 't , save more than 3 trillion taxpayer dollars that can be used to build up our depleting military and to provide our veterans with higher benefits. If indeed they can, they should speak out with their ideas with specificity so that the American people can know if Jeff Miller, Scott Brown, Pete Hegseth and Sarah Plain are indeed qualified to hold this position.
5. Save taxpayers 3 trillion dollars in 10 years. At the same time, Veterans will receive higher benefits for their disabilities and better medical care from local doctors and Hospitals.
a. This savings can be used to bring down our national deficient or to be used to support Trump's infrastructure plan in creating Jobs for veterans.
b. Pay higher benefits to our injured and disabled veterans to include, but not limited, to families benefits.

Dan has 35 years’ experience processing benefits claims in product liability, Medical Malpractice, Hospital Risk Management, Audits and investigation, Fidelity/ Fiduciary Investigation, Workers’ Compensation, Legal Malpractice, Fraud Investigation, Medical Mal-Practice, Aviation liability, Hospital Mal-Practice, Construction and OHSA regulations to include benefit examiner at the VA.
Dan was a member of the US Army graduating top in his class with a top-secret clearance.

Dan Martinez objective is to [drain the swamp of corruption] within the Veterans Administration and pilot a program to close VA hospitals, transferring ALL care to local hospitals, to assure veterans get the immediate medical care they need. Dan advocates simplifying VA language and administrative laws/procedures to make it easier for disability payments/ benefits to be paid to Veterans.

Robert Mc Donald is unfit to be secretary of Veterans Affair. 22 veterans die every day because of Mc Donald's poor leadership in providing veterans with the proper care and benefits that veterans deserve. Example 8 Veterans were sexually assaulted by a VA Doctor while seeking treatment for PTSD.

Under Martinez's Administration, not one veteran will die for the lack of not receiving prompt medical treatment or having experiencing sexual assault from doctors. For example: 22 Veterans die every day X 362 days a year = 8,030 death. If multiple by 10 years, a total of 80,300 veterans have died. This will STOP when Dan is chosen as Secretary of veteran’s affairs.

If the four above nominees can do this as promptly as Dan Martinez, then Dan gladly will withdraw.
Are there any challenges.?

Call your state representative or Donald Trump to let them know about Dan Martinez for Secretary for the

Department of Veterans Affairs.
Dan hold a BS in administration and has attended President School of Law.

Dan is the CEO and founder of ICC Third Party Administrators, ICC Underwriters and is a legal consultant for Doctors and Surgeons Globally in the field of Medical Malpractice. Dan knows what it takes to negotiate benefits and run a better Veterans Administration.
Dan Martinez ICC, CEO

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The Phoenix VA Hospital will be the first to close under the Trump Administration should Dan Martinez be chosen by the Trump administration to include: El Paso, Nashville, Memphis and Murfreesboro VA Hospitals.

Under the Trump Administration, there are no second and third chances to get it right. You do your job right the first time or you're - fired.

"Veterans cannot be dying because of incompetency in our VA Hospital system. "

1. The first 120 days, Dan will close all VA Hospitals allowing veterans to use local doctors and hospitals of their choice with no co- pay or deductible.

a. The United States has thousands of Doctors and Hospitals that can give our Veterans Immediate care. The VA will never “ever” have waiting list/line for medical care again.

b. There will be federal unions contesting the closure of hospitals, but they have no authority of any kind to keep VA hospital’s open. This will be one of Trump's signature achievements for decades to come.

c. To offset the cost, VA hospitals will be sold to the private sector which will update the hospitals to meet medical regulations. That saving will go to increasing pay for Veterans disability benefits and better care.

d. keeping the VA hospitals open is a waste of money and the life of 80,300 veterans who have died waiting for proper care in the past 10 years .

e. Veterans will immediately be allowed to go to their local Doctor and Hospital of their choice and the VA will pay for veterans care - no deductible or co- pay. It's that simple.

If you disagree with Dan Martinez's views Please e- mail Dan At and he will address your questions with specificity.
Dan Martinez CEO

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Military Times, article Dec. 1, 2016. I am a veteran. I have worked for the VA Hospitals in the cardiology department for 4 years during my internship. “All” surgeons were brought in from Local Hospitals to perform Heart Transplants and other surgeries.
ALL Neurosurgeons and Neurologist were brought in also.

Because of my expertise in the internal operations of the VA Hospitals, I am an expert on those affairs. Who will challenge me. Every veteran has had the same sickness as every other American. There is nothing special. The VA Hospital is nothing special.

Let me clear things up for you. The VA employees want to keep their jobs and will lie to the American people that they spent a lot of money on research and development. Alternatively, their research and development premise on searching for Doctors and surgeons to perform treatment on veterans because VA surgeons can’t perform the best surgery. So, the VA categorize [research and development] to the American people as those they are creating science. The VA is not a medical school.

It is true that the VA does have residency program so that intern doctors can practice on veterans like “ginny pigs.” We Vets are “NOT” ginny pigs. Also, Interns can get their school loan reduced as an intern. However, those doctors do not stay after their internship because they can’t make any money.


Oh, one thing, I have placed my name with the Trump Administration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. I possess, ICC Third Party Administrators, ICC Underwriters and consult with Doctors and Surgeon on “LinkedIn.” My expertise is in Hospitals Administration and Medical Malpractice.

I am a taxpayer and I want my tax dollars to help Veterans receive the best care from the best Doctors and hospitals that money can buy. The VA cannot and will provide this to our veterans. 50 years have past and we are still having vets dying waiting for care. Don’t blame congress, blame Mc Donald and other failed Secretaries of Vets' Affairs.
There is no room for failure. When the VA fails, Veterans die to the degree of 80,300 in a ten year period on American soil waiting for medical care.

If I had my way, I would prosecute Mc Donald for “extreme gross negligence” if Obama doesn’t pardon him.

Bob Mc Donald is just a person who needs a job and is lying to the American people. Bob could not stand up to me in a debate because I will bring him to shame.

Oh, my website is ICC Third Party Administrators
Dan Martinez, CEO
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