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im love this sad song,, its my life,, <3
B.A.P - 빗소리(Rain Sound) M/V

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kim so hyun,, female kiddo actress that appeared in Boyfriend mv (Iyah) ^^

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100% All of you can post any kpop image, animation, FF, link or video.

100% You need to be friendly to each other and love each other. Don't ignored them and be shy to talk to each others. You may get new friends that know much than you.

100% Roleplayers are allowed if there's any roleplayer members want to be at here. Yeah~ RP have to many information about their bias.

100% Free tagging, upload and download any picture at here.

100% You may invite all your k-popers friends to be at here and share all they know.

100% You may promote anything you want. Especially friend to follow or add to circle.

100% There's no limit of age. Underage and above are allowed.

100% You may decide or complain anything you want to make this page be awesome and fabulous. Don't be shy to complain it.

100% And last one, please make this page alive and be happy at here. Love each other and yeah~ let be friend. So, welcome to my new page. ^-^)/
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