Orochimaru: Kabuto, don't bother me.

Alright: The rules, regulations, and consequences for alleged actions violating these rules.

Rule 1: All posts made to this blog should be related to Orochimaru. ( fanart, fan pairings, fanfiction, etc) Spam will be deleted.

Rule 2: All post should be filed in their proper places and not in others. (EX: Discussion should be put into discussion and Pictures should not end up in the Questions bin)

Rule 3: The questions bin is for any questions that you would like to ask[Orochimaru] while the responses bin is where I myself will respond to your questions. The questions bin may also be for questions about the community itself and clarifications on its rules.

Rule 4: Bullying and hate of any kind is not permitted. If the alleged does occur, there will be no other action short of banning you. And on the same page, if you see it please report it.

Rule 5: I myself am posing as Orochimaru (and Im sorry... until I get a different email... its going to be that way for a long time)

Rule 6: I will make contests and the such! And when I do make sure to follow all rules and regulations, or it might not even go through.

Rule 7: Have fun

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