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Name: Red Death
Species: Ultindominus rex
Father: Ultimasaurus
Mother: Indominus rex

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Name: Water death
Gender: Female
Species: Mosasaurus

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T-Rex Playin' Through

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Not RP related but hilarious

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Name: nixi
Age: 42 (in raptors years)
Gender: female
Species: austroraptor
Diet: carnivore
Pack: none yet
Likes: other raptors no matter the breed
Dislikes: any other animal
Rank: loner (in a pack, will be a good tracker)
Bio: was born into a pack but then years later her pack was taken over and killed, she was one of the few to survive


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Name: Fish Slayer ( genetically modified ) with Megalodon lvl 40,
Mosasaurus lvl 40, Dunkleosteus lvl 40, I-rex lvl 40.

Gender : male

Species : Dunkleosteus

length : 78 feet

Weight : unknown

Powers & Abilities

extremely durable Skin

fucking powerful bit force

very intelligent

Fucking hard Armor

extremely sharp teeth

can swim at fast speed in the water

thick skin

can  camouflage

can jump out of the water

personally: extremely aggressive

Diet: anything but mostly meat

weakness: land, anything that can go through it's skin. 

game character   

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Name: death

Species : acrocanthosaurus

Gender : male

Height : 20 feet tall

Lenght : 60 feet long

Weight : 16 tons

Diet : large dinosaurs dead or alive and humans

Agression : extremely agressive and territorial


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Name: Eclipse

Species: Utahraptor

Gender: Female

Height: 7'4

Length: 18'8

Diet: Anything she can Kill

Aggression Level: Medium, High towards unfamiliar Female Utahraptors

((This is HawkHeart's Mate))

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Name: red eyes

Gender : male

Species : genetically modified Tyrannosaurus rex

Height : 35 feet tall

Lenght : 100 feet long

Weight : 50 tons

Diet : anything he can catch

Agression : extremely agressive, violent, unpredictable, territorial

Abilities :

Can bite 50 times harder than a normal t-rex

Can run at 90 miles per hour Dispite his enormous size

Extremely durable armored skin can withstand a rocket launcher point blank

Bio: Born normal the military wanted to create a super weapon so they did several painful experiments on red eyes and injected a super serum into him causing him to grow a hundred feet and enhanced his durability and speed and strengh to the military suprise he was ment to obey orders but he turned out to be more agressive and violent than ever killing every single last scientist and milatery member that experimented on him and broke free

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Name: DesertEagle

Species: Utahraptor

Gender: Female

Height: 7'3

Length: 18'8

Diet: Anything She can Kill

Aggression Level: Medium

((This is LeopardSeal's Mate))
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