I never dreamed

I'd be a paingain team

Thirteen months

What did it mean?

RANGƎR​ my mate,


hobo in bed ,

And now you're dead..

And it's the end.



Asuna I really don't think you're cut out for the real world kiddo, or you're just joking. I don't know, your using all this language and these "Sick roast" but you probably ripped them off some website. half of them make little sense anyway, I just stated that I dislike the content on this channel, and gave the definition of what this genre is: Hot garbage, I came here, left my comment, got a bunch of angsty teens upset, and thats it, you come, make some tacky comment, threaten that "Im muting this post goodbye", only to come back 5 minutes later, and yet your still commenting. its obvious you couldn't handle my opinion, and you have to win. I don't know what you think you're gonna win, But if I were you, Well. I wouldn't't be YOU. I'd leave, and rethink everything that just happened, and probably ditch what ever you call you aesthetic, If I could guess, Its "The angsty teen anime sunday special."

Im in a comment war with a bunch of weebs

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We are number one but every "one" is the whole harry potter trilogy but every time harry potter shows on screen, all pyrocynicals videos plays but every "fuck off m8", the whole shrek trilogy plays but in verbose

Copypasta: I think of any gun in general, I could kill plenty of people with a 1500 .22 air rifle, I mean, you could also just as easly take a bunch of chems and go on a murder spree with a shishkabab, I mean, All you got do is have the big leagues perk and you can kill 20-77 people with that. 

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