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Welcome to my Arabic 1 study group! This is the flexible group for evenings and weekends. Contact me if you cannot reach one of the currently scheduled meetings and I will set up a meeting that works with your schedule. I am willing to work with any schedule and will accommodate.

Feel free to invite others to this group so they can view my notes. You may download my notes for yourself and use them for help :)

Please use my notes ethically and do not distribute my notes without my permission or claim them as your own. I once had a guy that I was helping try to sell my notes... Please don't do that.

I posted my notes under the notes tab. I will continue to update them throughout the semester. Hope this helps :)

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Samantha Everett

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Practice sheet 2 now posted along with answer sheet; sheet 2 only contains words related to "jiim" or ج

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Online book with the answers to the listening exercises;

Just in case you do not have access to the online version of the textbook, here is my login so you can listen to the answers.

Username: sameverett3
Password: samslilybud

To access exercise answers, click "open book" in the lower left hand corner of the screen once you log in. Then, follow prompts. The website is not very user friendly so I didn't see this at first.

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