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Investigating Marinette
Chapter 6: Couple
They started to get closer and closer. Adrien grabbed Marinette’s neck and brought it closer to his head. Marinette closed her eyes, so did Adrien. The both of them prepared their lips for the big action…
“Guys, are you two still awake? Go to bed right now!” Sabine screamed. Marinette reacted. “Sorry mom! Adrien, it is better that we go back to sleep” said Marinette to Adrien, and he reacted too. “Sure Mari, goodnight” said Adrien.
This is what Adrien thought that would ruin the moment, but it didn’t happen.
And their lips touched, there was no space between the two lovebirds, the kiss was purrfect. Tikki and Plagg watched silent the couple.
“M’Lady, will you be my girlfriend?” said Adrien, snapping out of the kiss “Of course kitty” said Marinette, and she kissed him again and again...

((Forgive me, it was very short, but it was the ending so...))

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My tombstone will have adrienette destroyed on it.
Just some writing practice from yesterday^

“I wouldn’t miss you. No one would,” she snarled, whipping around to face him, blue eyes dark with anger. “Get out of my life!” His throat felt dry, his heart pounding in his chest. Her body shuddered and she turned away again, bringing a hand to her mouth and choking back a sob.

“Ladybug-” Her fists clenched. His eyes widened with desperation and he took a step toward her. “Marinette, please…”

“This would have never happened if you didn’t exist.” Her voice was cold, starkly different from the passionate fury that had controlled her mere seconds ago. He recoiled from her. Pain laced up his spine and his voice cracked.

“You could have died, you know. I couldn’t just-”

“I don’t care about me, Adrien!” Ladybug hissed. “Now Alya and my parents are gone. And it’s all your fault!” Her lip trembled and she shoved his chest. “Just...leave. Leave right now. And don’t ever come back again. I hate you, Chat.” Her voice hardened and suddenly she was hitting him, the tears streaming down her face. “I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU,” she screeched, fists hitting him with each syllable. The blows stung. Chat Noir wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close to his chest, burying his face in her hair. Ladybug struggled against his grip, her screams gradually reducing into sobs. Her fingers curled against his chest and she went weak in his arms. Her transformation faded away.

“You let them die,” she rasped, chest heaving. “You let them die instead of me.

“Mari, don’t-” She pushed him away, her lip curling up. Chat’s heart split in two as he gazed into her eyes, filled with such vehemence and unforgiveness. It was a look she’d never directed at him.

“I have a right to be angry. You ruined everything.” Marinette looked so worn, so broken. Her pigtails were half done, the tear streaks made even clearer by the dirt and blood that caked her face.

“I did what I had to do. I would have saved everyone if I could have. Marinette, please listen to me, I’m just trying to help you. Let me clean your wounds…” He approached her once again but was stopped in his tracks as Marinette reached her hand out, palm up, expecting. Her gaze didn’t waver. He swallowed. He knew what she wanted him to do.

“I can’t do this anymore. Not with you,” she stated flatly. “I’m done. Done with you.” Chat’s ears drooped and he removed the ring from his finger, his transformation automatically reverting as a result. A lump formed in his throat but he swallowed it. Adrien met her eyes one last time before dropping the silver ring into her hand. He cupped the edge of her face with one hand, heart shattering as she flinched at his touch. His hand dropped back down to his side. Adrien fought the tears that stung in his eyes as she turned away without another word and walked away. He watched her go, and as she went, so did his entire world. And even after she was gone, Adrien needed to say it. So as the Paris sky darkened and ash drifted through the air and everything fell apart around him, Adrien found the strength to whisper,

“As you wish, M’lady. Je t'aime.

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My life is restored
Day At The Beach: Chapter 13

Marinette was now drenched in cold, muddy water. Lila giggled and dropped the bucket on Marinette's head and it landed on her like a hat. Lila then walked away. Adrien was really mad now. He was torn between going after Lila and making her pay the price or staying and helping Marinette. He ultimately decided to help Marinette wash off and comfort her. He would go after Lila later. "Marinette!" Adrien said, bending down beside Marinette and taking the bucket off her head. The usually tough girl now had wet eyes. She was sobbing, her knees held to her chest. Adrien felt depressed when he saw Marinette crying. He wiped some mud off her cheeks and turned her head to look at him. "Marinette, I'll help clean you up. I'll... I'll definitely deal with Lila later." Adrien said, trying to smile at her. Marinette didn't even smile back. Adrien helped her up and guided her to the ocean. "You get washed up. I'll go have a talk with Lila." Adrien said, then stormed off in Lila's direction, his hands balled into fists. Marinette stood in the water, feeling the waves splash against her legs. She knew that she, in some way, deserved what Lila did to her. She remembered how she acted when she saw Lila flirting with Adrien... She was so mad then. But now... Lila just plain hated her. Lila was as bad as Chloé in her eyes. Marinette dove into the water, rinsing her entire body. You couldn't even tell that she had been crying now. Marinette then got out of the water and walked to her towel on the Beach.
Adrien found Lila lying on a towel, tanning. "Lila!" Adrien shouted. Lila lifted her head to look at Adrien and gave a disgusted sound. "What do you want?" She asked. "How dare you disrespect Marinette like that! She didn't deserve that!" Adrien said, anger in his tone. "Maybe that's true... But I don't care." Lila said. "Oh, you're GONNA care when I'm done with you!" Adrien threatened. He so badly wanted to transform into Chat Noir and use Cataclysm on Lila, but he wouldn't. Lila's face switched from frustration to fear when she heard this. "W-what do you mean by that?!" She asked in a shaky voice. "I'm going to get revenge on you for Marinette!" Adrien said, raising his fist to punch Lila. But before he swung his fist, he heard a familiar voice shout "STOP!" He looked to where the voice came from, and there stood Marinette, standing behind him with her towel wrapped around herself.

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Omg. :OOOO
*Made by xannabelle7 on Tumblr

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They are so perfect
The artists name is in the corner of the drawings.
Marinette and Adrien ♡♡♡♡♡
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