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Glowburn Show Notes
Episode-004: Stowaways on the Warden
Date Initiated: 10/09/2016
Date Recorded: 11/16/2016
Date Released: 12/25/2016
Length: 90 min
Section: Introduction
Welcome: Welcome to Glowburn, a podcast about the Mutant Crawl Classics Roleplaying game and old school post-apocalyptic adventuring. I’m Referee Bill <pause> “I’m Referee Forrest” …

[Warden Flight Attendent]

Shelter Lead In: Someone: Given that announcment, I’m going to find a Shelter to buy myself some time to sort some things out...may even play a few games while I’m down there.

[A/V: sound effect of someone stepping down metal staircase (just for fun, not a requirement)]
Section: Down in the Shelter
• Did Nothing but work on the Glowburn (this and future episodes) - I had one game scheduled and had to cancel it for work reasons.
• Been reading on Gamma World 6e for fun.
• But I think Forrest has plenty to report on so why don’t we check in with him.
• Did a lot of stuff: Mostly prep for, playing in, and Judging at Gameholecon.
• I can go on for a long time about Gamehole, so there will likely be a lot for Hector to cut out!!!

[A/V: Hammering or eletrical something being plugged in and powered up (just for fun, not a necessity)]
Voices Lead-In: Someone: I’ve tapped into the comm system and am receiving some signals from the Ancient Ones
Section: Voices of the Ancient Ones
DM Cojo
[Might send us in an audio clip of him talking about playing MCC at his latest convention. We will do a lead into this. Putting it first so as it really is both a Down in the Shelter and Voices of the Ancient Ones piece.]
Zach Pierce - Winner
Hey guys, loving the show so far. [He goes on to describe an item for Reid's CUaBM contest. We can read it here or announce he has one and read it out in Mutagenesis.]
Michael Thompson - Winner
Michael Thompson here. Love the podcast so far, keep up the great work. This is my entry for the Crawling Under a Broken Moon giveaway.: Brain Jar

Keeper Jon
[iTunes 5 stars] I’m looking forward to getting my MCC book next year and this podcast is the perfect vehicle (‘cause its rad-reinforced) to take us to that faithful day of deliverence.

Mention: You will find our contact information at the end of the show if you would like to communicate with us. Feel free to share with use what weird post-apocalyptic science/fantasy world you're tromping through right now. And if you find that old esoteric mutant book, movie or comic out there - mention that to us too.
Section: Great Disaster - Metamorphosis Alpha
• Facts:
o Written by James M. Ward - Save or Die Podcast Interview: #68 Save vs. Jim Ward
o Published by TSR in 1976
 1976 (1st edition) - Custom Engine
 1994 (2nd edition) - Amazing Engine (20 years after original)
(Amazing Engine was created in 1993 and cancelled in 1994 - TSR was having problems and doing some cuts)
 2002 (3rd edition) - 3d6 Engine (8 years after previous)
 2006 (4th edition) - 3d6 Engine (4 years after previous)
 2015 (5th edition?) - System 26 Engine - (9 years after previous)
Metamorphosis Alpha Roleplaying Game (Signal Fire Studios)
o Link to S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks - Here is a great article on using S3 with DCC and CUaBM
o David M. Ewalt, in his book Of Dice and Men, commented that Metamorphosis Alpha was "notable as the first role-playing game with a science-fiction setting”.
• Forward by Gygax and Blume - There is some interesting things here I think would be great to pull out.
o referee and players will develop their own “game world” as they go along
o humans are in a state of semi-barbarism
o the referee “creates” the starship (beginning a little at a time), sets up social structures for his people, plans the various mutations, places clues about the starship for the players to find
o The game is a continuous adventure which need never end
o those with existing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaigns may wish to incorporate ideas from this game into their campaign “worlds.”
• Suggested Additional Equipment (all this was still very new so some hand holding was necessary)
o Random Number Generator
o Multi-sided dice
o Graph and Hexagon Paper
o Sheet Protectors - Still shows up on RPG forums as a “good idea” that new players are surprised by.
o Notebooks, pen, paper imaginzation, patient referree
• Still kind of a containment system so Referees don’t have to worry about the characters all of a sudden travelling to some place he/she hasn’t planned for. (Purpose of the “Dungeon” in D&D) [FA: Though Ward, in his “Notes on Metamorphosis Alpha by The Designer” in Dungeoneer #7, was explicit about not letting the stated size of The Warden limit the extent of adventuring area: “I couldn’t care less what the odd proportions do to the outer shape of the ship.”]
• 1 Referee and 2 to 24 players? 24 players? [F: Some historical context: MA was first published in 1976, when roleplaying games were really still emerging from wargaming. 24 players would not be out of place in a convention wargame at that time. And I will point out a great session of DCC Black Powder, Black Magic at last year’s Garycon. I can’t remember how many people were involved, but it had to be around 20 - 10 people at 2 tables being Judged by 2 separate Judges, then brought together into one big final apocalyptic scene. It was awesome.][B:Good point to point out]
• Premise
o There are several media artifacts that share the same premise:
 Non-Stop, a novel by Brian Aldiss with a similar plot
• culturally-primordial tribe in which curiosity is discouraged and life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.
• learn that the space-craft is a multi-generational starship returning from the newly colonised planet of Procyon. In a previous generation, the ship's inhabitants had suffered from a pandemic because of an alien amino acid found in the waters of Procyon. Law and order began to collapse and knowledge of the ship and its purpose was eventually almost entirely lost throughout the vessel. It is now 23 generations that have passed since this 'Catastrophe'
 Orphans of the Sky, a novel by Robert A. Heinlein with a similar plot
• the descendants of the surviving loyal crew have forgotten the purpose and nature of their ship and lapsed into a pre-technological culture marked by superstition.
 The Starlost, a Canada/US TV series from 1973 has a similar premise
• The ship contains dozens of biospheres, each kilometres across and housing people of different cultures; their goal is to find and seed a new world of a distant star. In 2385, more than one hundred years into the voyage, an unexplained accident occurs, and the ship goes into emergency mode, whereby each biosphere is sealed off from the others.
 Hull Zero Three, a 2010 novel by Greg Bear with a similar plot
• Generation ship which has lost its way under mysterious circumstances
 Pandorum, a 2009 film which shares similar plot elements
• 2009 science fiction horror film, with elements of Lovecraftian horror, and survival adventure.
o We can talk some on Generational Ships [FA: Gene Wolf’s “Book of the Long Sun” series]
o In another pass, I ran across something that indicated that PCs might not even ever know they are on a spaceship. [FA: This is correct. In fact, when I ran my kids through an MA campaign I called “hoops and hoppers,” they had no idea they were on a spaceship until they had explored for quite a while. When they figured it out, there were a lot of gasps and shouts of “WHAT? SERIOUSLY?!?” It was pretty awesome.]
• We get a game system and a setting - are there many adventure ideas?[B:Asked this on a MA Google+ Community]
• Example of a Referee Moderating an Adventure - An important ingredient? [FA: This is a BIG question in game design! Does the example presented serve to explain something about how the system works, in play, or is it simply a soapbox on which the author can tell how the game “ought” to be played?][B:What is it ment to accomplish? Set the tone, mood, keep people from doing it wrong? Tutorial? All good questions. We could even compare a few different ones. I know I have seen them in most additions of D&D but I think Moldvay? Redbox had the first. Does DCC? I don’t remember. I know it is more common now.]
• Example “More Detailed” section of the ship - Showing us how to build-out adventures?[B:I got a sense that the ones they did are still kind of “example” build-outs and there is a lot of stuff for the referee to do.]
• What benefits would an MCC Judge be able to draw from MA? [FA: I think it’s pretty obvious to those who know the two systems that MA strongly influenced Gamma World 1st edition which, in turn, strongly influenced MCC. In one case, at least, MCC rows closer to MA 1st edition than GW 1st edition, and that is in how artifact complexity works and how understanding artifacts is resolved . . . though, of course, MCC has a DCC-ish “spin” on the final results].[B:I like how you can tie this to MCC, we need to do more of this maybe]
• Introductory Adventure - The Awakening (not included in the first release) [B:Were there any modules?][FA: I don’t recall any from 1st edition, but I could be totally wrong. The new one has a bunch. I LOVE the “Robots Among Us” scenarios and have already used one of them in my campaign - the intelligent cyber-tank.]
o Probably none in the 20 years of MA1 but then there was in 2012 - The House on the Hill (by Craig J. Brain, Ward Co.) - review by Bryce Lynch
 RHMDU: The Round House Modular Dwelling Unit
 Only module every published (2012)
 The back half of the booklet is new content from Jim Ward. Jim gives you maybe a dozen or so additional adventure seeds.
 Good for use with Gamma World and MCC I’m sure
o Goodman Games
 Android Overlords - Michael Curtis
 The Level of the Lost - Michael Curtis
 The Captains Table - Jim Wampler
 Death Ziggurat in Zero G - Jobe Bittman
 What Are the Prisoners of Rec-Loc-119? - John Hook
 Warden Adventures - James M. Ward - eight two-page mini-encounters
 The Long, Hard Mile - James M. Ward - short adventure is designed to be run solo, or can also be used in a traditional Metamorphosis Alpha game
o Goodman Games - Expansion Material
 Creatures & Gadgets - James Ward - 12 new creatures for Metamorphosis Alpha, as well as more than two dozen new gadgets
 The Mutation Manual - more than 200 new mutations for Metamorphosis Alpha
 The Warden Armory - more than 150 pieces of new combat equipment for Metamorphosis Alpha
 Book of Handouts - 16 illustrations
 Epsilon City (release 3/15/2017) - 272-page spiral-bound hardcover Epsilon City setting book, three 11”x17” maps, and a 56-page adventure supplement.
 Robots Amoung Us - 17 encounters built around the simple concept of “robots gone awry.”
• Seems there is also some errata on the 1st edition on the web?
• Favorite Mutation
• Favorite Creatures
• What is with the color bands on my wrist?
The radiated bracelets with one of six different color frequencies on them are the system used to permit entrance into any of the sections of the ship and to control many of the devices. These bands have various harmless radiations implanted in them according to their color. The radiation has a half-life of 1,000 years and activates all the opening mechanisms. The 4 captains of the ship have special radiated rings serving the same purpose as the bracelets. The command personnel band is alternating blue and red. The horticultural band is bright green. The security band is red. The general-purpose band issued to all members of the ship is brown. The engineering band is steel grey. The - medical band is white.
• How about some adventure premise ideas?
o From J. Ward Himself:
 Pick a Stat and challenge them on it - Intelligent talking plants that are just trying to get themselves a little more in the way of minerals found in the characters flesh will be found among ropey thorn vines looking to grab anything while radiated and poisonous seed pods are being tossed at the characters from plants with root systems two hundred yards away from the paths the characters are taking
 Purple six arm gorillas that invite the PCs to come and live with them - oh and possibly psychotic killer robots
• I am unclear on how to use this to build a creature for the party to fight. Maybe we can dig in and do this.

Someone: I’m going to use my wristband on this door. [A/V:Sound of door opening] Hey look, a laboratory. Let’s do some Mutagenesis...
Section: Mutagenesis
Purpose: To take something from media or other game systems and take a stab at converting them for MCC RPG use.
• Bill
o Gnome Stick from Turbo Kid
• Forrest
o Thermococcus gammatolerans Omega Syrum (TgOS) - from, well, real-world science! Here are the two least-technical articles I could find on the Thermococcus gammatolerans: and
Section: Closing
• GaryCon: March 23-26, 2017. 10 sessions of Mutant Crawl Classics, 5 sessions of Crawling Under a Broken Moon, 2 sessions of Star Frontiers, and 1 session of Gamma World 1st edition so far! There may be more from other systems, as well, and this is just an early peek at what might be available there. That’s almost 20 sessions of post-apocalyptic goodness!
• Congratulations to Dan Glover, winner of the 2016 Rodneys DCC Adventure Design Contest. We look forward to experiencing “Choon the Unspeakable”!
Contact: How to contact us…
• Twitter: @glowburn
• Email:
• Google+: Glowburn Community
• Bill
o @DnDBill
• Forrest
o @ForrestAguirre

Special Thanks/Credits:
• Shaman of Intros, Outros & Bumpers - Bob “The Voice” Brinkman
• Patron A.I. of Audiovisual Engineering - Hector “The Missile” Cruz
• Our lovely flight attendent of the starship Warden - Jen Brinkman
• “Creative Advisors” - Our Google+ Community (Currently 128 Strong)
• Intro/Outro Song: Chronox:Voyager:Juno

Closing Quip?
• We’re stuck on this ship with only so much oxygen. DON’T burn ‘em if you got ‘em!
• Don’t waste time figuring out that security unit, get that paralysis dart gun working because those blood birds are headed this way.

I just listened to episode 4. I can't find the show notes for that episode.

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I found another source for some Sci-Fi inspiration. A new over-the-air TV channel called COMET. I saw Steel Dawn (1987) last night, Patrick Swayze was rockin' a post-apocalyptic mullet.

You can watch COMET TV live on the Internet, here.

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Glowburn Show Notes

Episode-009 An Interview With Jim Wampler

Date Initiated: 5/9/2017
Date Recorded: June 28
Date Released: July 28
Length: 1:52:46
Section: Introduction

Welcome: Welcome to Glowburn, a podcast about the Mutant Crawl Classics Roleplaying game and old school post-apocalyptic adventuring. I’m Judge James...and I’m Judge Forrest...

Great Disaster: On tonight’s episode, Judge Forrest and I welcome the mighty and magnificent mutated mastermind behind Mutant Crawl Classics to the Glowburn podcast.

So… welcome Judge Jim!
Section: Down in the Shelter

• You know, the weekly AD&D 2e campaign presses on. My party watched helplessly as Mordenkainen was killed off by Iuz right before their eyes; survived another week of DCC Morning Knights being harangued by the President of Kovacistan. The usual. And I ran Call of Cthulhu for the first time a couple of weeks back and had a blast. Next month, we resume our MCC campaign, but this time . . . with real rules!
• Been furiously writing on Killer of Giants for The Umerican Survival Guide and I’m pleased with how things are coming along. Since I was raised on Air Force bases through most of my childhood, and the sandbox is an Air Force base (or what’s left of it), I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to remember the layout of the various bases and the buildings. Thankfully, they’re all very similar. Except this one will be inhabited by all kinds of nasties. Oh, and there may be a slight preview tidbit on Killer of Giants toward the end of this show.

• Last Friday I ran a charity game of Mutant Crawl Classics on G+ Hangouts.
• 0-level funnel titled “Nothing’s Free in OceanWorld” that was advertised as essentially a bastard love child of Waterworld and SeaQuest DSV.
• Players had to donate to Ocean Conservancy to get admission to the game.
• When we set up the event originally, I didn’t know that the MCC PDF would be released, but when it dropped a few days beforehand I went into a flurry to make sure I could include some material, notably some artifacts.
• The adventure itself was my own design, taken heavily from a series of “watery hexcrawl encounters” that I wrote for the MCC adventure we ran at Disney World this past January with the family.
• For the adventure setup, we had Darwin the Dolphin from SeaQuest hyperevolved into “Lord Darwinius the Dolphinquisitor”. If you remember Jonathan Brandis (RIP) from the show, his character Lucas Walenczek was cloned thousands of times since the great disaster, in sort of a Dune-Duncan Idaho arrangement, because the Dolphinquisitor needed crew.
• The players were to find relics from the sunken amusement park beneath the water, and bring them back.
• High point was when the leader of the Manatee Teens, or Manateens, arrived. Her name was Manateena Turner (named by one of my players) and she had a laser rifle. Good times.
Section: Voices of the Ancient Ones
From Judge Jeff (Goad):
Howdy Glowburners!
I am so unbelievably psyched to have the long-awaited PDF for the MCC core book in my grubby lil paws. And of course I'm LOVING it!
Unsurprisingly with a new system, I already have some questions and I'm curious what y'all think...
From the 0-level mutations (pg 15):
1. What do you imagine is the difference between "skin color is translucent" and "skin texture is invisible"?
2. There is the option for "has 1d4 arms, round up to even number". To me, that sounds like it is saying that if you roll a 1 or a 2 (50% of the time), your mutation is that you have two arms. Since most folks have two arms already, I'm wondering if I'm reading that wrong or if it should have said something like "has 1d4 extra arms". There's an identical option listed for legs.
Whatcha all think?
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your show rocks!
-Judge Jeff

JW - I’d say that “skin is translucent means it’s like saran wrap, and can be seen through, but it’s still pretty clear that there is some kind of “substance”, that may be slightly opaque, but still “see through”... sort of. But invisible means you just see muscles and stuff walking around. Nasty.
JW - For part two, all of the other Mutant Appearances are something weird, so I’d think that this means 2 or 4 additional arms maybe. Or I’d house rule it that there is no rounding. I think this was my buddy Marc Plourde’s suggestion. I like that one.
FA: I agree, except that if I was to house-rule the arms, I’d go with 1d4+2 arms, just for fun. Because who couldn’t find a use for a third or fifth arm? Or if you want to get really wacky, do 1d3+1 arms for each side of the body, rolled separately. But that might be encroaching on “defect” territory.

From Thaddeus G. Moore:

I greatly enjoyed the 1st episode of Glowburn podcast!

Thought you might take a look at two relatively unknowns of the genre. The now defunct Blood Dawn by Lawerence R. Sims from the late 1990s.

And The Mutant Epoch by William McAusland who is also a MCC artist. Will is a one man RPG studio that writes and illustrates The Mutant Epoch a gritty gonzo game.

Both fit the post Apoc science fantasy genre perfectly.


Thaddeus G. Moore
Winchester, KY

[FA: Looked up the Blood Dawn website on the Web Archive. Interesting. One of my favorite ideas is that there are domed cities inhabited only by Pure Strain Humans who are working on a final solution to wipe out all mutants. That’s an entire campaign right there. Maybe several!

I had heard of Mutant Epoch before, but hadn’t, until now, downloaded the quick start rules. What William has done here is very, very impressive. I will say, though, that when the quickstart guide is 42 pages long, you have to expect a lot of crunch, and you get it. So if you like your games a LOT crunchier, it’s definitely worth looking into. The art and the ideas are pretty amazing, and there is a great adventure in the back of the quick start rules, as well. The PDF is free, and, for those on a budget, but the materials are also available in all the usual formats at RPG Now.]

From Geoffery Nelson on the Glowburn G+ Community:

I'm surprised that between +James Walls's love of Savage Worlds and +Forrest Aguirre's love of Wizards that +Andy Hopp's Low Life hasn't gotten any love on the podcast! Sufferin' socks!

JW - Okay, so I have some limited experience with Low Life, since I’ve been playing Savage Worlds since back in 2012. Confession to make: I had a really hard time getting through the book. I’m an over the top, gonzo fan, but I think there is a gross-out factor that Low Life kicks into overdrive that I have a really hard time with. Like, there is so much poo-spired theming, and boogers and stuff, that I can’t connect with the setting and the characters. For those that don’t know, in Low Life, PC’s are weird creatures existing in a post apocalypse that occurs after the “Big Flush” or “Great Flush”. You can be a living pile of poo, or a killer sentient twinkie (cremefillian). There’s a lot of sword and sorcery elements in it as well. Hard time seeing / feeling pcs. Just wasn’t my game. But as I said, I can appreciate what it was going for, and I think it did it well.
Section: Great Disaster - Judge Jim!

Section: Mutagenesis

o Organimauls: I wanted to come up with something weird and post apocalyptic that wasn’t quite an artifact, and perhaps easier to comprehend, but with other risks for use. So there was a series of PlayStation, PC, and XBOX games called OddWorld. Not really post apocalyptic (but weird and alien to the point where there were a lot of similar themes, especially one of ecological disaster and exploitation over nature.) In one game in particular, Oddworld, Stranger’s Wrath, the player (called The Stranger) could fire small creatures at bad guys, launched from a crossbow.
o So I got the idea for this month’s Mutagenesis of some creatures that either evolved or were bred to be used as weapons or as part of weapons: Organimauls.
o Organimauls may be safer to use than Artifacts, but they still need coaxing to work, and to be fed. But if treated properly, they can be brutal in combat.
o PC’s wanting to employ an Organimaul must make a Personality check with a DC of 10+ ½ the weapon’s max damage (rounded down) each morning.
o Manimals get a +4 to this roll
o They must also feed the Organimaul once a day as well, and each weapon takes a half-ration of food
o The Original Organimaul was literally a giant sledgehammer haft with a great beetle “organiforged” (don’t ask) onto the end of the weapon. When swung, the beetle would bite. Here are some examples
 Original Organimaul: 1d10 dmg (2 handed), because the beetle wings always fluttering, the weapon feels lighter and the PC can roll a d20 instead of a d16 for two handed weapon initiative.
 Bumble Bola: 1d4 dmg, range 10/20/30, target must make a reflex save vs. the attack roll or fall prone as they are stung by the bumble bola stingers (DC 5 Fortitude Save, or suffer an allergic reaction taking an additional 1d4 damage)
 Shark Sword: 1d8 dmg, if the attacker misses by 1 or 2, the shark mouth still gets off a bite causing 1d5 damage)
o There is a drawback to the Organimals. Should the PC fumble, the organimal gets aggravated. On a fumble roll higher than a 4, the PC is also bit by the weapon for 1d4 damage.
• Forrest
o .A preview piece from Killer of Giants: [mention Bob “The Voice” Brinkman’s roach horde] Yes, radiation-resistant hordes of cockroaches are terrifying, to be sure. But what could be more horrifying than a horde of cockroaches except . . . a single cockroach? Well, if that single cockroach is a specimen of the dreaded SHOCKROACH, it might be just as well to run far, far away. The Shockroach is calm unless threatened or really, really hungry. But shockroaches are rarely hungry, as they usually have plenty of rotting meat laying around that they can snack on. Their limited telekinesis makes it easy for them to put bodies up on meat-hooks or to tuck them in the basement under the floorboards. But if one should threaten a shockroach, say, by trying to squash it, the shockroach shows why it has developed its reputation. The shockroach, though puny and weak, is very fast and difficult to hit. If you can hit it first, you’re likely going to be okay, but if you miss it or it the shockroach gets the jump on you, brace yourself. The shockroach emits an electrical shock field 10’ in diameter that causes 3d10 of electrical damage to those failing a DC 18 Fortitude save. Those making the save only suffer ½ damage, but this is usually enough for even a seasoned seeker to become just another lump on the meat pile, cooked just right. Thankfully, shockroaches are usually only encountered one at a time. Usually . . . [Shockroach: INIT +4; ATK: SP; AC 19; HD: 1 HP; MV 40’, ACT: 1d20; SP: Electrical shock, 10’ radius 3x/day, 3d10 damage or DC 18 Fort save for ½ damage. Immune to electricity and radiation; SV: Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +10]

Contact: How to contact us…
• Twitter: @glowburn
• Email:
• Google+: Glowburn Community
• James
o @ilive4crits
• Forrest
o @ForrestAguirre
• Jim

Special Thanks/Credits:
• Shaman of Intros, Outros & Bumpers - Bob “The Voice” Brinkman
• Patron A.I. of Audiovisual Engineering - Hector “The Missile” Cruz
• “Creative Advisors” - Our Google+ Community (Currently 229 Strong)
• Intro/Outro Song: Chronox (group) :Voyager (album):Juno (song)

Hail Judges,

Love the podcast, gents. Keep up the excellent work.
Like many others, I'm looking forward to snatching up MCC when it's ready to go. Very exciting to see that the genre still getting love... Especially since I thought the most recent edition of Gamma World was sure to bury interest on the tabletop front. Doubly so since I cut my teeth on a retooled Gamma World back in high school.

A question for you glowburners: from a judge standpoint, do you each prefer to run games with more or less crunch? How much crunch is too much? I've got a game engine pretty well built, but I'm concerned the crunch factor may turn some players off.

Any reason why +Glowburn Podcast can't be found in the podcast section of the Play Music app like Spellburn is?

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You, too can make beautiful maps of decaying ruins!
For MrSororitis. Here is how I make a Post Apocalyptic Map. Hope I have not missed any steps. Enjoy.

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MCC Session #2: The Museum at the End of Time (by +Jim Wampler)

5x 1st level PCs: (the surviving Zeros from +Forrest Aguirre’s Beyond the Sliver Scream )

Corn Farmhand (Plantient Fern)
Cas (Goth Bard with a Didgeridoo)
Kelp (1980s Punk Rock Singer Healer)
Lyle Lovette (Trustafarian Stoner turned into a Manimal Boar-man)
Dusty Cox (Cool Guy turned into a Manimal Grasshopper-man)
Richard the Mutant Squirrel-Cat with bat wings

The Museum at the End of Time Spoilers Below!
Would-be Heroes, newly-mutated teenagers transported from 1980s America (Earth) to Terra A.D. (Umerica) and undergoing the “Metagenesis”, have been offered a place in the Tribe of Cog. Newly promoted to the rank of "Seeker Team," they are to complete their Rite of Passage by trekking into the Glow Desert and retrieving an artifact of Ancient Technology. Using the ever-present “Sky Arc,” the banded and gently-curved celestial beltway that stretches from east to west in both day and nighttime skies, as their guide, they move into the blue-white sands with a curious Purple Planet - err, Moon - overhead.

Encounter 1: Silene Serpents, during which the Cog Tribe representative kid, “Moose” got swallowed in one gulp (serpent rolled a Crit)! Kelp got swallowed as well but fought her way out with her flint dagger! Plantient Fern used Empathetic Touch to hold one at bay while the Bard’s Didgeridoo solo caused the others to fight themselves!

Encounter 2: Crit Success on a Luck check during the night’s watch enabled the PCs to avoid a fight with the Screamers (nuclear zombies!). Crisis and assured death averted!

Encounter 3: Blast Glass - first encounter with Radburn for the campaign. No mutant powers altered as of yet.

At the site of the sand dune-covered Museum, the PCs discovered the break in the dome ceiling and the brazen Insectoid Mantis pegged a death-defying leap to the T-Rex skull’s head. As the party lowered themselves into the hemispherical Atrium of the Ancients, they discover two Artifacts from the dessicated body of a security guard: a small metallic disk that automatically ad- heres to any surface on which it is placed, and a curious L-shaped metal tube with a grip and buttons.

As they began to explore the room, a flickering hologram of a shimmering-robed bald man floated down from the domed ceiling, accompanied by four metallic security-bots, bristling with spikes and tubes. His kind but firm decree that the “guests here after Museum hours should leave promptly, or the security bots would provide a courtesy escort to ensure their brisk departure” was met with an enthusiastic and prompt attempt to depart through the plasteel doors. Although the metallic disc artifact caused the sliding doors to part, they struggled to fully open - their inner gears grinding. Finally, they did open and the would-be heroes’ hearts sank as a cascade of blue-white sand spilled through - revealing that the “exit doors” are completely blocked off by the glass-sand of the Glow Desert ….
12 Photos - View album

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If you feel inclined, simply substitute "Robot", "Blaster", "Fusion", "Nanobot" or any other Gamma Word you wish for anything below
100 Everyday businesses

Here’s a d100 idea starter for everyday places post apocalyptic adventurers may stumble upon. The places may either be intact, or in ruins, or any degree in between.

Adjust it to your setting, style, and whims.

1. Supermarket - large
2. Supermarket - small
3. Drugstore
4. Gas station
5. Car wash
6. Home improvement store
7. Car dealership
8. Library
9. Home Furniture store
10. Office Supply store
11. Hamburger joint
12. Clothing department store
13. Insurance office
14. Cleaners
15. Karate dojo
16. Nail salon
17. Gift card store
18. Bagel shop
19. Movie theater
20. Soccer park
21. Chili seasoning manufacturing plant
22. Clothing silkscreening plant
23. Customer Service center
24. Friendly local gaming shop
25. Robot dealership
26. Pet grooming service
27. Self storage center
28. Bookstore
29. Taco stand
30. Sporting goods store
31. Shoe store
32. Bakery - large
33. Bakery - small
34. Donut shop - large
35. Donut shop - small
36. Wholesale club
37. Sailboat manufacturing plant
38. Armed forces recruitment center
39. Elementary school
40. High school
41. Daycare center
42. Car rental center
43. Plumber
44. Appliance store
45. Health club
46. Coffee shop
47. Social services center
48. Bowling alley
49. Skating rink
50. Television studio
51. Barbershop
52. Bank
53. Arcade
54. Auto parts store
55. Motel
56. Veterinarian
57. Vegan restaurant
58. Lighting store
59. Computer service center
60. Accounting office
61. Engineering office
62. Advertising office
63. Graphic service center
64. Furniture reupholstering center
65. Bail bondsman
66. Diner
67. Family doctor
68. Surveying company
69. Craft beer plant
70. Art gallery
71. Pizza parlor
72. Power company
73. Power plant
74. Seafood restaurant
75. Consumer electronics store
76. Pawn shop
77. Bead and fabric shop
78. Certification testing center
79. Liquor store
80. Butcher
81. Candle store
82. Beauty supply store
83. Pet supplies office
84. Grilling supplies store
85. Swimming pool supplies store
86. Florist
87. Restaurant supply office
88. Construction office
89. Rehabilitation halfway house
90. Tailor
91. Astrologist
92. Pool hall
93. Motorcycle dealership
94. Optical supplies store
95. Clothing boutique
96. Fishing supplies store
97. Small engine repair shop
98. Musical instrument repair shop
99. Bar
100. Hobby supply store

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