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We are undertaking STEM projects at school. Each term we are asked to actively engage students in a STEM PROJECT. All classes display their projects at a STEM exhibition at the end of each term. My interest in using digital technology in the form of this video “How to build a Wave Machine” physics demo is because it portrays a perfect hands-on experiment for home or in the classroom. The materials required: duct tape, wooden kebab skewers, and jelly are readily available. The video shows how a science teacher lifts up or pushes down on any jelly baby in this precisely-made apparatus. This video brings to life the theory of a wave machine, from an abstract idea to a working model. Students can relate to this and will be motivated to design and construct their own wave machine. The resources used are readily available and so this task is within every child’s reach. #cserTask1

How to build your own Wave Machine physics demo

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The students worked on a STEM project on Bio Fuels. The video presentation was prepared to introduce the STEM project – Plants for Fuel.

The students grew their plants and recorded and analysed the data. This was displayed at an exhibition

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