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Last Minute Controversy over Prisoners Affairs Ministry
Rachel Avraham

JerusalemOnline, June 02, 2014
There is a new development in the case of the terror attack on Right before the declaration of the unification agreement, there were last minute disagreements over the status of the Prisoners Ministry.Bomber

Hamas threatened at the last minute that if the position didn't exist, reconciliation would be over. Fatah: "They are displaying obstacles like Israel."
 Just before the announcement of the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement, movement representatives stated that they would not agree to reconciliation if the new government will not include a Prisoners Affairs minister, Ma'an News Agency reported.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told Ma'an that the movement told Fatah officials that it will not join a unity government under these conditions. "We will not agree to declare the unity government without the Prisoners Affairs Minister and Fatah has been informed that this decision cannot be changed," he noted.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen had stated earlier that the Prisoners Affairs Ministry could be replaced by an independent body, in light of the various officials warning that the US would stop their funds to the Palestinian Authority if the Prisoners Affairs Ministry is not disbanded.

Fatah responded in kind. "Those who want to join the unity government are welcome and anyone who wants to evade or place obstacles in the way like Israel can take responsibility for this behavior," Fatah official Azzam Al Ahmad in an interview with Al Quds radio in Gaza.

In the end of everything, Al Arabiya reported that it was decided that Palestinian Prime Minister Hamdallah will take care of prisoners' affairs, with the agreement of Hamas, so that reconciliation could be pursued.

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Op-Ed: Sovereignty Now, or Never

SharpThere is an urgent need to overcome profound ignorance in a world fast succumbing to a false Arab narrative that would leave ancestral Jewish land deserted and in the hands of thieves. The time is long past due for Israeli sovereignty in Area C.
For 47 long years since the liberation of biblical Jewish Judea and Samaria from illegal Jordanian occupation - territory the world grotesquely prefers to call the "West Bank" - the beloved Jewish heartland has remained in a political limbo and not been fully or even partially annexed.

Israel's foolish failure to take sovereign control of its own historical, physical and spiritual heartland has allowed a hostile world to thus assume that Israel itself does not believe it has legal sovereignty in the territory. Like Moshe Dayan's calamitous decision to give away the keys of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf, this betrayal of the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria has become a living nightmare for Israel.

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Syria bomber was Florida-born, raised in middle-class family
Zachary Fagenson

Reuters, June 02, 2014
 (Reuters) - The man believed to be the first American suicide bomber in Syria was born in Florida and loved to play basketball. He was an average student who grew up in a well-kept middle-class neighborhood about 90 minutes south of Orlando.

Belgium Bomber

The family of Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, 22, on Saturday declined to comment or to open their door as a small group of reporters gathered outside their home in a gated community in Sebastian, on Florida's east coast.

Neighbor Mark Hill, 46, said he knew little about the family across the street, who moved in around 2006 at the same time he did, but they seemed to be "very nice people, always pleasant."

Hill described Abu-Salha as a "normal boy" who wore T-shirts and walked around the neighborhood with a basketball looking for someone to join him in a game. He said the father wore a long white tunic, but no beard, and the mother wore a headscarf, showing only her face.

The family, who have owned a string of local Middle Eastern grocery stores, were a visible presence in the community and often left the garage doors open, Hill added. The family are of Jordanian-Palestinian origin, according to people familiar with their grocery business.


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New members of unity govt named, June 02, 2014
Unity Government

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Seventeen members of a new Palestinian unity government to be announced Monday have been named by well-informed political sources. They include at least nine new members, while at least eight will remain at their posts from the prior government.

Rami Hamdallah will remain prime minister, according to the sources, and Ziad Abu Amr will be the deputy prime minister and minister of culture. 

New members include Mamoun Abu Shahla as minister of labor, Mufeed Hasayneh as minister of public works and housing, and Yusef Idees as minister of endowments and religious affairs. Nayef Khalaf will be minister of local governance and Riyad al-Maliki will remain the minister of foreign affairs. Salim al-Saqqa has been named minister of justice, Khawla al-Shakhsheer as minister of education and higher education, and Rula Maaya as minister of tourism.

Allam Moussa will be minister of telecommunication, Shawqu al-Aiysa will be minister of agriculture, and Wael Dweikat will be minister of transportation. Muhammad Mustafa will remain as deputy prime minister for economic affairs, and Shukri Bishara will stay on as minister of finance.

Furthermore, Jawad Awwad will stay as minister of health, and Adnan al-Husseini is expected to remain minister of Jerusalem affairs. The unity government will be sworn in on Monday at 1 p.m. in the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, a PLO executive committee member said earlier....

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US State Dept Calls Palestinian Authority Official a Liar
JPN Briefs

JewishPressNews, June 02, 2014
US Official calls PA LiarLast week, an unnamed Palestinian Authority official claimed that Rami Hamdallah received an official invitation to visit the US. Rami Hamdalla will be the Prime Minister of the Hamas-Fatah Palestinian Authority unity government.

At Friday's press briefing, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki called the Palestinian Authority official a liar.

QUESTION: The Palestinians claim that the United States issued an invitation to Rami Hamdallah, who is the prime minister of the Palestinians, past and present. He's been asked to form a government - a national unity government. Is that true? Could you confirm that he's been issued an invitation? And if that is true, then does that mean that he will work with a national unity government that includes Hamas?

MS. PSAKI: Well, there has been no invitation issued to Prime Minister Hamdallah. As we've said all along, we'll not make decisions until we see the final formation of the interim government and have the opportunity to assess and make a determination about whether this is a government we can work with. And we will base that assessment on the government's composition, policies, and actions. So we'll have to take a look when any official announcement is made.

QUESTION: So the claim made by this Palestinian official is just plain false?

MS. PSAKI: Correct.

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