Eyeooo! New to the group, not even close to new to the fandom, and just looking for a good roleplay partner!! Only catch,....

I only do M/M. Just as a warning. xDD

I welcome ideas of all kinds, though!!
Come on in, if you'd like. :) I'm usually on.

Anyone up for a JadeKat RP? I'm bored.....

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Does..anybody want to do a homestuck rp? I know, I know I'm really late for this fandom but its amazing anyway XD. I'll be my fav character feferi peixes and you can be whoever, girl or boy (my fav is feferi x vriska btw) can be kinky can be adventure just pp me and write a starter!

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Title:Mage of Petals

Name:Artemis Ceresa
Screen Name:astrologicalThunderstorm (AT)
Age:7.8 sweeps -13-
Blood color:'Grassy' green mutant blood? possibly
Strife Specibi:None
Weapon:Thunderbolts Lightning
Relations:Lo-lita Ceresa|Dancestor,Mituna Captor|Close friend ,Dionys Telest♠Kismesis,Helios Phobos♦Moirail
Planet:Land of Thunderstorms and Weather

Typing quirk:She types in Grass green and replaces for and four with 4 and V with < also replaces W with << and is seen stealing Sollux's typing quirk from time to time Uses Hashtags before starting a sentence and uses ^ to replace words instead of using them again and replaces I's when wanted

if more information needed tell me ^_^

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:33< Hi, Does anyone want to a Sadstuck Rp Nepeta x Any of the following? Nepeta x Dave, Nepeta x Sollux, Nepeta x Eridan, Nepeta x Terezi, Nepeta x Karkat.
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Name: Edison Zeller
Trollian: (AB) AndrogynousBeing
Age: Six sweeps
Gender: Female
Strife: Axe kind
Blood: Salmon
Lusus: Demon
Sprite: Blurrysprite
God Tier: Rogue of Heart
Personality: Mostly giggly, if sober very anxious
Likes: Human food, passion fruit, gauges, and being high
Dislikes: The Ocean (Not racist to sea trolls)

Anyone up for au jakedirk??

Anyone up for a sadstuck rp with any of the following ships? Characters with an asterisk im willing to play

Karkat and Dave*
Eridan* and Karat
Eridan* and Sollux*
John* and Dave
John and Jake*
Dirk and Jake*

Rolling up mituna's small, frail body in a blanket he picked up sollux, doing the same. It wouldn't be long until he lost them, so psiioniic stayed at their side, yellow tinted tears running down his soft cheek. He closed his eyes, trying to avoid looking down at their dying forms. When sollux gave a weak, distressed squeak he opened his eyes and mituna was lying still, completely unmoving other than frail breaths. Psiioniic held him close, trying to do something, anything to help, but moments  later it was too late to save his son. Sollux cried out and psiioniic forced a smile

"IIt's okay 2ollux... 'Tuna just need2 two go away for a whiile...."

closing mituna's tiny eyes and laying him back down he picked up sol and sung a soft song to him as his breaths began to come shallow. He held his son against his chest as he breathed his last breath. Slowly putting him back next to mituna he stood up and walked out of the room, laying on his bed and curling up in a tight ball, texting Signless.

Psiioniic: Hey.... 2iign.... plea2e come over..... they're gone


I rp paragraph style, anyone is welcome to play as signless, just comment or message me to ask

Take a Breath and look at your Life, there is Light in your Heart. There are different voids but through Time and Space, there is still Hope. Your Blood runs through your body, Doom may enter your Life, but you still have all of Space and Time in your Life to cosplay Homestuck. If you don't believe me, ask people around you or ask the Homestuck communities. We have Hope that Hivebent will help our Heart breaks and live our Life. Your Mind does not end yet Rage fills you due to Homestuck ending. You are not alone...
-MX ((4/13/09 - 4/13/16))
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