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When your content is original to you and niche based, how do you extend to draw others in? Is there a near-scientific methodology/strategy into creating a Tiger-Woods effect i.e. that crossover appeal that draws people into your niche even if they were never particularly interested in what you do...? So i set about creating cross-content i.e. attempting to create that crossover appeal with my blog and the jury is still out on the matter.
What did I do exactly? Create something based on pop culture, which is an old trick anyways...
... posted a new set of artworks including this one Seasons & Arrows,. You can find the others here as well get the picture of what I've been babbling about...any thoughts?
Seasons & Arrows
Seasons & Arrows

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A client asks you to generate traffic to the sales page of her most recent book (about cooking) on her website. What would be the best option?
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Currently enjoying the "Social Media Bootcamp" on CreativeLIVE
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