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"We often read the Bible as if it were fundamentally about us: our improvement, our life, our triumph, our victory, our faith, our holiness, our godliness." -Tullian Tchividjian

Name: Charlotte Nash
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Weapon: Revolver
Race: Human
Bio: Charlotte Nash is a young member of a cult/doomsday peepers. She is actually their advanced guard, the first one to come out of the shelter. She is a very good scavenger and marksman. Not much else is known about her or the cult/doomsday peepers she is a part of.

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Wow ! Very Good ! Proof of Nimrod and Semramis are false gods , they are many but the same people ? Crazy ?
Why is Nimrod the number one worshiped false god of the world ? I think he is the other Jesus , according to the Law of Doctrine , he is . Remember every thing God Has , Satan has to ! God has THE CHURCH , Satan has all Religion's
Look Sheeple , if you were brain washed into worshiping Nimrod the sun and moon , thinking you are worshiping the God of Jacob . Well Satan tricked you ! Now what tour going to do now ? Since you know the truth ? Cause the truth has made you free ! Indeed ! Repent ! GOD SAID ! COME OUT OF HER ( ANTI-CHRIST CHURCHES ) AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU . IS HE ASKING YOU ? OR IS IT A COMMAND ? He said come out of her , and if you do , you will go to heaven .
Her the Babylon (Catholic way ) are the exactly same church . The other jesus the other way to heaven . Burn all your pagan gods , learn not the way . Of the heathen s .

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Fact is they all worship Nimrod the first sun and Moon god . 4000 BC. History ! Look if you don't worship God un- defiled ( no pagan gods) than you worship Satan because God fuses your worship ,
According to the Law Of Doctrine.
In vain they do worsh me in the last days because of there man made traditions ( holidays , Christmas, Easter, Sunday worship ,) Pagan means others than God all mighty , the proven one . Not the pagan a jesus , where he is call Nimrod the sun God off the world !

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Name: Claudia
Weapons: dual catanas and dual pistols (44 magnums with quick reloading cartrages) grappling hook black belt martial arts
Likes: computers, cars, trains, music, and family
Dislikes: disorder, being disrespected, and being treated like a peon
Bio: is very quick and can pull her weapons out within a blink of an eye. Is amazing with computers and hacking, along with fixing machinery. She is almost always by herself to keep others out of danger. She has a pet Siberian Husky named Myka she wears an old pendant she got from her grandmother and she keeps it with her at all times
History- She was wealthy and had a huge family that she got separated from when the caos began. She has a younger sister and brother.
Married-was engaged
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