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It seems there is some frustration of the lack of support I have provided for FolderSync as of late, and that is regrettable but of course also very understandable, and I am sorry for the situation.

Unfortunately it is probably not going to change much, since I simply don’t have the resources to answer even 20% of the requests I get in a satisfactory manner, and even that would consume all my spare time, which I don’t want to be a reality.

The fact of the matter is, that however highly rated FolderSync is on Google Play, it doesn’t make very much money and it is somewhat of a niche app. That’s perfectly fine, but that also limits the amount of time I can dedicate to support. I would like that to have been different and it was in the beginning, but now the support situation is untenable with my other obligations. But I am not here to whine, I am here to try to explain the reality of the situation and hopefully make it better in the future.

So if you care about any of this and are still using FolderSync here’s the plan moving forward.

I am working on within the next few months to opensource the cloud API module used internally by FolderSync. It’s the most labor intensive part of the app, since cloud providers change their API all the time and it needs to be extended to support new cloud providers as well. Most errors reported by users are also found in this part of the app.

Open sourcing something is no magic bullet, but I hope I can get others interesting in using it to contribute. thus resulting in support for more features and cloud providers and of course faster bug fixes.

To fix immediate issues I have set up a public bug tracker where anybody can post about a bug they found in FolderSync. Only bug reports will be accepted, so please don't submit other support requests.

Also please don’t attach log files to issues for your own safety, but feel free to post screenshots or relevant snippets of a log file. The site requires login, you can use Google or Twitter account. I understand this is not for everyone, and you are of course still free to report bugs using the support email if you want.

The bug tracker can be found here:

For those users who are still unhappy about their purchase and want a refund there is a new form where this can be requested. This needs to be filled out even if you have sent a refund request previously. I will refund in a 72 hour window after purchase. If you previously have requested a refund don't worry, the original request date is what counts.

Similarly if you want to transfer your license to another account fill out the same form.

I can be found here:

I will continue to answer as many support emails as I can and I will work to fix the bugs reported to the bug tracker to the best of my ability, but I will not be able to spend time in this forum moving forward to any further extent than is already the case nor will I be active on Twitter.

With Google+ being shut down in April, what would be the best way to keep the support community together in the future? (Reddit, etc...)

SMB v1.0 is no longer current and many services (E.g. QNAP) are dropping support for it. Suddenly foldersync has stopped connecting via SMB, so this is probably related.

Any plans to support SMB2 or SMB3? There's good reason why SMB1 is being killed...


Until now, I used Foldersync to synchronize my files in the cloud.

Now, I got an USB 3.0 Stick Typ C, my smartphone, a Honor 10, has USB 2.0.

The files I want to synchronize are about 13 GB.

When I want to synchronize first time the files to USB Stick, it takes a long time for copying (I think longer than 2 hours).

I stopped synchronizing and copied the files with ES Fileexplorer to USB, it took me 5 minutes.

Even now, when Foldersync adds new files to USB, copying takes a lot of time.

Why is Foldersync so slowly?

Best regards


Good Morning,

I'm having problems with SMB. When I use the app "root explorer" i'm able to see my folder and edit, when i try with foldersync using the same address, foldersync says it can not connect.

Don't know what is happening. Help please.

Thank you.

I use FolderSync and it works great when connecting to Google Drive.
I recently had a "Teams Drive" added to my google account, and want to use that area for FolderSync. But when I configure the folder pairs, it doesn't show me anything about the Teams Drive that is part of my Google account.
I use other sync applications, and it looks like it is a little different method to access the Teams Drive.
Does / will FolderSync support Google Drive "Teams Drives" ?
Thanks for a great app!

I use fildersync to do one way syncs between my phone and WD NAS. I have it set up to move photos from local (phone) to remote (Nas) and music from remote to local. Works great.
So I downloaded the app on my wife's phone and set it up to do the exact same thing. All the settings are the same both on the NAS accou t and the folder pairs.
The photos sync fine from her phone to the NAS but when I try and sync music from the NAS to phone I get 2 error messages. One is "iTunes preference" and the other more frequent error is "folder directory not found" (this might not be the exact wording of the errors I'm going off memory).
It still works fine on my phone and I have not changed the location of the folders. I can still access them on the NAS via a mapped folder on my PC they are all there.
Any ideas?

I am using Foldersync to copy/sync pictures from Sugarsync to my phone SD card. It works except I have a number of files that don't sync. And I get an error message "File transfer failed...." and "Service Unavailable". Does anyone know in particular what this last part of the error message refers to? Thanks.

I tried to connect my pCloud account to FolderSync Pro and that failed because I use two factor authentication on my pCloud account.

Is there any way to connect using 2FA?
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