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Welcome to survival land, a role play community based on stats on a hellish Earth. I'll break down some stuff for convenience of knowledge. I do hope you read it all to avoid being removed from the community.
First off this community will work off a strike system, in which you will have three chances before being banned. I will go over general rules here, in case you decided to skip it, in which case you need to go read it again.
-There will be no sexual/hentai roleplays of any kind. Please don't beg to make one. Do not search for a sexual roleplay partner here either. Romance is perfectly fine.
-Don't ask to be a moderator. Moderators will be chosen as needed.
-Please get permission before posting a creature, and please search in case the creature already exists.
-Do not controls others people characters without their consent. It is simply not fair nor fun for the other person.
-Please make a character that makes sense. It doesn't make to much sense for a character with low intelligence to be smart enough to make advanced technology from their surroundings.
With that, ends the rules for now. I hope you all enjoy your time in this community. If you have any problems or questions, or have been wrongfully banned, talk to/ tell a moderator or owner.

The wolves are very territorial and violent, like there other world counter parts, but are much larger, being the size of a horse from the other world. There packs variey from 6-15, with no acceptance towards defected or brain damaged wolves. They will kill any wolf that isn't efficient and not injured. Wolves rarely wonder to far out of their territory, which is the radius of an entire forest/woods, but will to pursue prey found within it. They are extremely hostile and untamable. Approach is highly not recommended.


Their name derives from the Latin word of "snake", which is quite specifically what they are. They come in black or white, with red eyes and red patterning on the top of their heads. Like most of the creatures, they are incredibly large, about 20 feet in length and 5 feet wide. They're quick and one bite can completely pierce through a human, judging by large their fangs are. If the bite doesn't kill them, the venom will instantly. They're usually seen alone than in pairs or clusters. Luckily, not much of them exist. They can either be passive or very aggressive, it depends on the snake.

Threat level - Do not approach unless absolutely necessary.


The hellish hornets resemble the ones back in the normal world but are much more large, their size greater than an average adult woman. They come in colors ranging from yellow to red, each one symbolizing their level of aggression. The yellow hornets are the least aggressive, they most likely will not attack unless provoked. The orange ones are a bit more aggressive than the yellow. Stay away from red hornets at all times, they are very aggressive and will not hesitate to quickly sting a group of humans. However, they are rare and you may not encounter them in your stay. One sting has the power to kill a person in an hour unless treated immediately. They emit a strange smell and make a loud buzzing sound.

Threat level - Mediocre/Dangerous
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