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Anyone want to roleplay?

Hey +Satsuma Sakai , can I change up (adjust) the rules a bit? I just want to bring this community back to life again...

Let's get to know eachother! I see that this community is at a standstill, so let's make it lively again, shall we?

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Quote "Back off, I'm not afraid to hurt you"
Name: Kila
Age 18
Gender Female
Sexuality straight
Crush none
Species human
Nickname none
Weight 168
Height 5'8
Clubs none
Appearance Blond, blue eyes, black jacket, white music t-shirt, black leggings
Transformation human
Personality Stubborn, Rebellious
Weapon A Camo hunting knife she stole
Powers none
Moves none in particular
Weaknesses her fear of storms
Likes chocolate, music, roller blades, fire, her knife, water, ice
Dislikes storms, losing a freind
Bio: She was Taken when she was little and trained in many ways on how to fight she was returned when she was 14 she was no longer the fun family friendly girl she use to be since then she has been more rebellious than ever
Theme song "Ghost" by Ella Henderson

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Thanks for the invite +Juuzou Suzuya


"I'm not crazy. No one is. Were just our own kind of unique."

"Yes, I want to watch the world burn. And yes, I'll be the one to make it burn. So what?"

First Name: Oribie
Middle Name: Kyoki
Last Name: O'Byrne

Nickname(s): Ori, Kyo, Orange

Age~ 19
Mental Age~ 27
Physical Age~ 17



Dominant Hand~ Left-handed

An easy-going, amicable person, Oribie usually seems to be in good spirits regardless of the situation. Due to his narcolepsy disorder and rather laid back disposition in general, he doesn't care much for appearances or making a fuss of anything. Instead, he prefers to follow the flock when it comes to decisions, with faith in the goodness or capabilities of others. 

Hair Color: Oribie has curly, orange hair, which is why Ashiro keeps calling him an orange.
Eye Color:
His eyes are covered by his hair almost always, but Oribie has green eyes.

The cane he carries around. He also has multiple hidden daggers and knives that he carries around.
Oribie's main weapon is his necktie, which becomes a tensile edge as a weapon, able to change dimensions and the hardness of its form. Being wrapped around his arms under his sleeves, he is able to manipulate their shape so as to shield, whip or blunt alongside their blade-like properties. However, unlike steel swords, though their pliable nature lends them give, his ties are more susceptible to fabric property-related misfortunes (flammability).

+Royally Shiro
+Sebastian's Kitty
+Asuma Shinku
+Ashiro Nekomaru Shinku
+Frosty Chan
+Ráori Yami
+Undertaker Black Butler

Magic: He is a Necromancer.
+Shirona The Neko
+Ruby Rose The queen of cookies

Best friends:
His Bed😴🛏
His Shower 🚿
All of my enemies are dead, just the way I like it.💀😈

Birthday~ August 11

Zodiac Sign~ Leo

Birthplace~ Italy

Hometown~ Venice

He was born to rich parents. They weren't the best of people, they abused him and his sister. He had been running from his family for 10 years when he finally got tired of running and killed them to protect his sister and himself. He returned to his family mansion and destroyed it to ensure no records were ever found concerning his family. Even he doesn't remember his real name as a result. He later met Raburi and decided to live a normal life at Akademi.
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Quotes: "The smell of something burning is a wonderful smell.~"
Name: Blueflame.
Alias(es): None.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Crush(es): None.
Race/Species: Sea Fox.
Nickname: Sea Foam.
Weight: 40 pounds.
Height: Two feet.
Clubs: None
Transformation(s): A water snake.
Personality: Mysterious, Creepy, Insane.
Backstory: Has Amnesia, so she can't remember.
Equipment/Weapon(s): Natural Weapons.
Powers/Abilities: Waterbending and Acidballs.
Moves/Techniques: Attack at full force.
Flaws/Weaknesses: Light and Anger
Likes: Fire, Shadows, and the smell of anything burning.
Dislikes: Light
Theme Song: OFF - Ost - 04 Pepper Steak (Link to theme->)

Thank you for the invite.

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[It is impossible for me to find a single profile pic for myself]
[Will be updated]

Quotes: "Just leave it to me" "I'm gonna be the harem king!"
Name: Issei Aoi
*Alias(es): Red Dragon Emperor, The Strongest Limiter
Age: 18 [Second Year]/ Part time instructor
Birthday: April 18
Gender: Male
*Sexuality: Straight (fiancee/ Pawn of Rias Gremory, and fiancee/ limiter of Satellizer El Bridget)
Race/Species: Devil/Dragon/Limiter hybrid (former human)
*Nickname: Issei kun/ Issei/ kouhai (by Rias), Issei (by Satellizer)
*Weight: 180 lbs
*Height: 5' 10"
Clubs: Occult Research Club
Appearance: lean muscular build, above average athletics (by human standards)
*Transformation(s): Dragonification, Pandora/Nova mode, among others...
Personality: Brave, Intelligent, Funny, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mother and father (deceased)
Older sister Kahuza Aoi (deceased)
Younger sister Aasia Aoi
Grandfather: Gengo Aoi
Half sister: Arcadia Aoi
Aunts: Cassandra, Teslad, Windy May, and Lucy Renault
Brother in laws: Sirzechs Lucifer, and Louise El Bridget
Nephew: Ichi Gremory (+God'smanservant​ )
Future son: Ex Gremory
Future daughter: Satella Aoi

*Backstory: I was born to a typical upper class Japanese family with my mom, dad, and older sister Kahuza and my younger sister Aasia. Because of the high Stigmata count in my body, my mom could not handle me in her womb, and I was transferred into my aunt Cassandra to avoid killing both myself and my mom. Devastated that I began to grow attached to Cassandra rather than my actual mom, my parents went to a church every week. A few years later, Kahuza was killed in an accident when defending her classmates. Parents were murdered when I was 9 in a church, the same church that they went to every week. I was told they died in a car accident by the police, but that was a lie made up by humans to cover up the real truth; they were killed by the Norse God Loki when he and Freed Selzen stormed the Church and massacred everyone. Enraged on getting payback. I underwent intense training at Genetics to become a Limiter for Satellizer El Bridget, the wealthy daughter of the El Bridget corporation, also known as 'The Untouchable Queen" to fight the NOVA, extraterrestrial beings who want to destroy human civilizations around the world. Years later, I was targeted by Angels because of the hidden power in my arm and was killed by my so called "girlfriend" Yuuma Amano, my classmate at The Academy, who was actually an Angel. I was thankfully brought back to life by Rias Gremory, a high class Devil, and became her servant. I went through even more training to become a powerful opponent in Hell as well as the human world. With the encounter of Loki holding my Grandfather hostage for his research, I began to remember memories that I had somehow forgotten with the near death scenario of me and my sister, and the reunion of my Aunts. My Grandfather told me that I had some hidden power and I did unlock it, the rare ability of Volt Texture and Weapons using my enhanced Stigmata, implanted in my back
Equipment/Weapon(s): Boosted Gear/ Ascalon/ Volt Texture/Weapon
*Powers/Abilities: Pandora Mode/ Balance Breaker (various types)/ Volt Texture/Weapon Equip
*Moves/Techniques: Classified info
Flaws/Weaknesses: Light arrows/bullets/etc, Novas
*Likes: Eating, Sparring, Video Games, Technology, etc... (yes that too)
*Dislikes: Bullies, Angels (very few exceptions), Novas, People getting hurt
Theme Song: Love is in Danger
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