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Come on assassingamers watch ur communitie leader play some Xbox one minecraft
Hey guys! I just reached 300 subs and I would like to celebrate! I will be streaming minecraft xbox one edition on twitch and you can all connect with me!

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Whut EM I DOIN here
Animated Photo

Hai I'M new.

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@creeperassassin101 army
I started a new series a few days back, if you watch it i hope you enjoy :)

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@CreeperAssassin101 army
episode 2 out in such a short space of time!

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What ever
Originally shared by ****
I just found out why this worked for me but most people said it didn't work. It's because I shared it to a community. So I was amazed, but then everyone was like "I don't get it", and I didn't understand why until I wanted to see it again, so I shared it again, this time to Public, and it didn't happen that time, so I shared it privately with a friend of mine and still nothing happened, then all it made sense. I read the comments on the original post, and most of the people were unimpressed but a few were all "Oh My God!!!" because most of them were sharing it publicly and privately, and it doesn't work if you do that. So you know that now.
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