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HELLO! cant decide a name? here Is a name generator you can use:

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Quote:one is silver another another is gold make new friends keep the old.

parents: mom:willowpelt dad:patchpelt





Bio:I have been keeping a watch for foxs wall mille and the clan are sleeping and I look at the sky and say to myself what now.

Can graystrip be in the tunderclan

You add 15 for cat years right?

Can I make a Warrior for FlameClan please?

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The Leader of SplashClan hope you like her +doglady 1025!

`` I may not be perfect but I know I was made Leader for a reason! ``
`` I'm not blind you know ``

{Theme Song}
Who You Are By: Jessie J

`` My name is HazelStar ``

{Prefix Meaning}
`` It comes from my hazel eyes ``

{Suffix Meaning}
`` I get my suffix form being a Leader ``

`` I'm a she-cat if you could not tell ``

`` A little rude to ask a she-cat you know! But I will tell you, I'm 24 years old `` Hope I did that right...

`` I'm the Leader of SplashClan ``

`` I kinda already told you, and I have star in my name witch should give you a hint..... I'm a Leader ``

{How Many Lives Do They Have}
`` I still have 9/9 ``

{Past Names}
`` Well I was once a Kittypet/Loner so my name was Peanutbutter, when I was a Apprentice my name was HazelPaw! Then when I was a Warrior/Deputy my name was HazelEyes, when I became a Leader My name was HazelStar ``

HazelStar is a very caring and loving Leader she would do anything for her clan, Thou might be a little sassy at times, She is welcoming to new comers, Can get a bit carried away when stressed and resort to anger or sadness, She believes in kindness is always the way to go and to never fight, Has a weak stomach so can she can throw up easily mostly to blood, The thing is do not be fooled by her loving calm personality she can be mean and harsh

`` Well I do like my sister RiverEye, My clan of course! Wet moss, Dawn, You hear this from almost every single SplashClan cat but I like water and swimming, Well I'm quite the foodie sometimes so I like food, Seeing my clan thrive, My clan getting bigger and better, Peace, Also kits ``

`` Huh I guess I do dislike somethings.... I don't like seeing someone get hurt even if they are from a different clan, Wars/fighting, Being seen as weak for my Kittypet blood, My clan seeing me at my weakest stage, I hate blood, And deathberries.... ``

`` Her name is Crystal ``

`` My sister's name is RiverEye `` Might make soon

`` D-Duffy........ ``

`` Her name was IceTail she sadly died ``

`` I had one once there name was SparkPaw there name is now SparkFall ``

`` Uh I don't have one at the time, huh... `` Open

HazelStar or Peanutbutter was born in a Twoleg nest on a soft bed with her sister, Snow or RiverEye, her brother, Duffy. They where playing in the backyard one day when they where 6 moons old, they went in the bushes and found a small hole in the fence dig enough to fit threw. The kits wondered around the forest looking at things feeling the leaves underneath there paws, till Peanutbutter found red berries or know as deathberries not knowing what they where she dared her brother to eat them. When Duffy did he fell to the floor he was twitching and look like was trying to breathe, Peanutbutter stood there not knowing what to do nor Snow. In shock the 2 kits ran trying to find there mother and tell her what happened, the 2 later gave up and sat by a river Snow fell in to the river Peatnutbutter not wanting to lose another sibling jumped in with her trying to save her but went down stream _with Snow. They woke up on shore of the river far away from there safe Twoleg nest, the kits where close to a clan thou the clan name was SplashClan. The kits walked along the shore till some SplashClan cats came took them to there clan when they found them. When they where there the Leader deicide that Peanutbutter and Snow could stay with them even thou of there Kittypet blood, they where renamed to HazelPaw and RiverPaw. HazelPaw learned hunting and swimming very well but had problems with fighting and blood but tried her best, Her sister RiverPaw was fine with hunting and fighting but had some trouble with swimming. HazelPaw then was HazelEyes and RiverPaw was now RiverEye, HazelEyes worked hard as a Warrior and got her first apprentice SparkPaw and trained her very well and made sure she was loyal to her clan. Then became Deputy of SplashClan and was a very good one to, after some moons of being Deputy she became Leader after her Leader died. Now she is Leader of SplashClan her name is HazelStar

Is scared of large amounts of blood and might throw up
Her brother Duffy was the runt of the litter
Usually try's never to fight

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name: moonblaze
gender: she-cat
age: 27
mother: unknown
father: unknown
siblings: unknown
mate/crush: none
rank: medicine cat
clan: flameclan
sexuality: bisexual (but pertends shes Asexual)
bio: born with the natural talent of herbs, she trained hard and soon became medicine cat appertince, then medicine cat. she wishes she had a family, but is medicine cat.

Can I please make the SplashClan leader? Its OK if you say no thou

HELLO! cant decide a name? here Is a name generator you can use:

leader: open
deputy: open
medicine cat: moonblaze +doglady 1025 
edicine cat appertince: open
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