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Even if you haven't read the Inheritance Cycle, this mod is great. It's called the Shur'tugal Mod (Revived Version). It involves hatching, growing and riding your dragon! It's still in Alpha stage at the moment, but it's still a really cool mod. I will update this post when it is released!
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As shown by my profile picture, I am a huge fan of LotR and The Hobbit. I also like Minecraft a lot. So, what better than a LotR Mod for Minecraft! This mod adds a whole new dimension, Middle-Earth, and adds elves, dwarves, hobbits, and more! 
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I have come up with a cool trap, a hole in the ground accessed by iron doors and pressure plates. At the bottom of the hole, the is a block connected to a piston as the floor. Beneath that, a two block high space and a block of lava. In the morning, you stand by the block of lava and deactivate the piston, mobs fall down, burn from lava, you get items. Simple.
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