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One Piece x Overwatch crossover
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I Dare You


What's the most retarded shit you've ever uttered in a debate?

Share your's in form of comment or SS, not mandatory if you've none lel. Man up, plz tho ;_;

It could be outside of One Piece as well.

This is le' me... 3 years back. I can explain myself.... XD Would destroy the fun of the post tho ;3 Can you top mine? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But seriously, Trust me I can explain myself... #FishFoodTard4Life 

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Community theory: How did Shanks get to MF so quickly? It takes days to get there and no island is near it, it was also stated that he had a skirmish with Kaido before going there 

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So wait....... this man has

2 devil fruits
2. awakenings
2 most powerful fruits in the verse
Negate Devil fruits
Can arguably do what WB did
Is in his prime
Can take people's Devil fruits
No notable weaknesses
Control and manipulate darkness

And Luffy is supposed to beat him?
He's probably gonna have a extremely dumb weakness down the line

(I'm nit picking a little bit)

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Respect Threat : Enel

Standard equipment : His golden staff

Range : Several meters,Multiple kilometers & island range

-Blocked Zoro attack after attacking Robin
-Enel held Zoro's katana while he was struggling to take them back (chapter 275)
-Catches Luffy's punches
-Kick luffy golden ball wich is around which was around 5.5 tons

•Durability & Endurance
-He was hit by a "Reject dial" in (chapter 296) that was coated with kairouseki
-While his hearth stop temporarily a hit he his fine and it all restarted
-Enel gets hit repeatedly by Luffy's kicks & punchs (Logically talking Enel doesn't get hit since he was intangible in skypea and no one had dfs)
-In "Amaru" form Survived Luffy's golden rifle

•Kenbunshoku haki
-The first display of CoO is....on him lol
-Enel stated that 20 voice disappeared which lead him to sense death (chapter 264)
-Enel can combine his df & his haki

-Use his df for traveling around Skypea
-Use's his lighting to outpace Luffy,Zoro,Gon Fall & Wiper
-His df speed is fast enough to cross large distance in a blink of a eye & his also mistaken for teleportation
-Dodged a ploin blank "Burn Bazooka"

•Devil Fruit (Guro Guro no mi)
-Enel casually use (El Thor) to destroy multiple blocks
-Enel use (El Thor) to destroy multi city blocks (chapter 272)
-Enel has Electrocuted Luffy,Wiper,Robin,Sanji & Usopp
-His df have the ability to become intangible via df
-He use "30 million volts thunderbird" on Wiper
-He can control the clouds & thunder around the atmosphere over the Skypea island (chapter 285)
-Enel use '200 million volts Raijin" on Puffy
-Enel could survived & breath on a "Moon" unainded

Environmental capacity was Island level

+Zoro Solos​ tags pls

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Community Discussion: Awakenings

1.How do you access It?
2.What can the Logias do?
3.Are all abilities the same for paramecias?
4.What could Luffys abilities be?
5.Does everyone have an awakening?

This is all assumption

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Which current Yonko has the strongest crew? Give reasoning.

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Bruh this nigga look cool asf 
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