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Just trying out Wakelock Detector (always used better battery stats before but this app is very slick).  It shows that over the last 12 hours, Train Trapper had a wakelock for total of 31 minutes (x582.. which I assume means 582 separate wakes).  The wakelock is of type 'NlpCollectorWakeLock' which I think is to do with location polling.  In the settings I do NOT have a tick next to 'proximity train alert'.

Is this app just blaming Train Trapper because it was the first app to use the location services?  Or is Train Trapper actually requesting location info throughout the day?  This is on a Nexus 5.

Also, I see train trapper have other wakelocks for NlpWakeLock (667 times for a total of 56s), Alarmmanager (517 wakes for a total of 11s) .. are these a worry too?

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Looks like Train Trapper is going to work well with Android Wear right out of the box. Hooray for proximity notifications!

Anyone else keen on getting a Moto 360?

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The Cragieburn train arrives and departs from platform 4/5 at all times.
Hey there Beta testers!

I've just pushed out a new Beta release, 3.2.0. New features will include:

- Platform Numbers!
- (Nearly) Endless scrolling for train times on the main screen. If this works well then I'll add it to the search in a later release.
- Proximity notification will now continue to update each minute, so the 'train in X minutes' should remain accurate.

Due to a rather critical issue in the app right now I'd like to push this release out ASAP, so if you could test it as soon as it's available that would be fantastic.

Hey guys,

I'm just pushing out Train Trapper 3.1.6 which is a very long overdue defect fix release.

Things will be returning to normal very soon and I'll be back to being able to dedicate more time to getting the changes in and making Train Trapper better!


Is there a way see what platform your train is arriving on?

3.1.3 is out in the wild!

The new release is now being downloaded by the public and so far things are looking smooth.

A big thanks to everyone here for helping test the release and giving it the extra polish it needs.

There will be a bit of a break in the Beta releases now as I need to divert my focus on another project. I will be keeping an eye out for feedback on this release and prioritising the features for the next release, so you can still post any feedback/ideas here and I'll still be actively reading and responding to them.


A very tiny update, 3.1.3, is now being processed by Google and will be available shortly.

This just tweaks the notification text for 'Proximity Train Alerts'  (also renamed) to include the upcoming train's destination.

Everyone has been pretty quiet and I haven't had any defects reported in the last release so I think I can finally call this an RTM build. I'll promote this one to Production tomorrow afternoon as long as no issues come up.

The next Beta release has now been uploaded and will be ready for your updating pleasure shortly. This version is 3.1.1, I uploaded 3.1.0 but I realised I had time to squeeze in a little more.

In this release you'll find 'Proximity Notifications' which will tell you when your next train is if you approach any station marked as a favourite. This is currently set to a 300 meter alert which will no doubt need some tweaking. I gave it a brief test on 200 meters and found it might not be enough, but I'll need your feedback here. This could possibly be a user configurable distance but I would much rather keep things simple.

You'll also notice that I'm now using the official 'navigation drawer' (sliding menu) instead of the 3rd party library I was using before. While it looks a little different, the functionality is almost completely the same.

So the aim is to make sure this release is now stable and then push it out to the masses. I would love to be able to get it out before Monday next week so if you could possibly give it a thrashing over the weekend that would be awesome!


Found the AM/PM direction a bit flaky today. Didn't seem to update my AM direction this morning or my PM direction this afternoon. I had to manually update
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