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Zaccheo was a normal human with normal hardships, such as loss and bad luck, he had a job and was starting to see a girl he liked, but things turned bad when the girl he liked had a X - boyfriend that's unhappy about her seeing other people, this x happened to be someone that practice the dark arts which is why she left him

when he hears about her date with zaccheo he gets angry and enraged, while zaccheo is getting ready to meet up with her, he broke in at first he wanted to kill him, they both wrestled and fight, zaccheo tried to run as he gets out of the home the other male cursed him turning zaccheo into a horse, zaccheo runs feeling weird unaware what's happened

Weeks later))

(y/n) owned a few horses and recently your riding horse died so you're heading to a friend of your that's a breeder, but on your way there you see a beautiful black stallion walking along the side of the road, you couldn't pass this up, you pulled over and catch him putting him in the bed you where going to use to bring a different horse home but this one looked amazing
the next morning you'd see what this horse could do

Any Gender
Know a thing or two about horses
There's no way to reverse the spell so don't try to turn him back
You can be mean or very nice
And you can not put one word or line replies I will call them out


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[based off once upon a time Peter]

when you think of Peter Pan you think up this young kids that is good leading a group of lost boys, Fighting mean captain hook who's out for blood. ((Y/N)) grow up hearing stories about this kid the fun glamoured fun story's. Until one night you wake up to find a kid around the age of 14 floating over you. He's smile friendly and you being a child as well thought he was fascinating. You get out of bed and the two of them talked and played, you find out it was Peter Pan the very fairytale you'd loved. After awhile of them playing and being young kids he asked if you wanted to come to neverland with him and in your happy and exited state you hastily said yes.

Much later))

you've been in never land for a few weeks and even though it was fun you wanted to go home, but your surprised when you get a angered look form Peter when you asked to go home
P:"you can't leave, I won't let you. your trapped here forever... go and leave me.. there's no way you can leave never land I'm the only one that can get in and out"
with this sudden change in his normally happy and playful face you...

- any Gender but pan prefers boys instead of girls because that's how it is
nothing over 14 your character or oc has to be 14 or less just be freaking 1 or 2
type neverland if you read
- please be descriptive please

Please and thank you ^_^


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NZT - 48

A drug that gives you access to all of your brain, you have the ability to remember everything you ever saw, heard, felt. You can remember every lessen you learned in class, every name you ever heard, your memory go's as far back to remember being in your mother wome

but there are horrible side effects, paranoia, time displacement, headaches, vomiting, horrible illusions, and eventually a very painful death, but there is a way to resist the side effects and I'm one of the only few people that are able to resist the side effects no shots but I'm really able to have no side effects

there are two options

1# you work for a company that test people with NZT and when you heard of someone that could resist it naturally you had to get ahold of me and experiment on me

2# you take the drug yourself and after a few days of taking NZT the side effects hit you hard and your running out of NZT - 48 so you came looking for more from me
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my kind is unwelcomed in this world as a creature that once had beautiful white wings that are now stained black, I had been casted out of heaven for breaking one of the rules I had killed another angle but I was only defending myself... the others didn't see it that way, I still lived forever but I'm forced to live with humans I take the form of a boy around the age of 17 and in rolled in a school, your job is to hunt down fallen like me and put us in jail where normally we end up tortured for information on heaven or other fallen then killed, you hear from a fallen of me in a school you find out which one then disgusting yourself as one of the new teachers

((This just came to me I wrote it down))

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Hey guys! I'm new here and thanks for the invitation

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