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Uptown Fit Apparel
MARCH 2, 2017
The Fitness and Health industry is booming right now. Gaining popularity across the world by the day, or even by the hour.Fit is the new skinny. Health is the new black. You get it. The mainstream of the internet right now is watching celebrities workout on Snapchat and Instagram and everyone wants to know what new moves to try and most importantly what they are wearing. Most people are following the Kardashian clan or the Victoria Secrete Angels, but they all want to know what the new brands of fit clothes are and what is unique well we got it here at Some of our fun styles are pictured below. From tanks, to swim wear, and even shoes.

Well what they are wearing a cross the board is yoga pants and baggy tanks, because that is what majority of the fitness apparel sites are selling. On however wee have many different styles that fit your individual needs. Doesn’t matter if you are a yoga guru or a weight lifting beast, or maybe even both.

Because, not everyone does yoga. We all workout and stay active in our own ways. Some people do yoga, some people lift weights, and some hike and rock climb, or run outdoors.


Whatever you do is great. The main idea is to stay active and have fun. To do what you do you need the correct active wear for your trick of the trade. Luckily we at have styles for all activities and the best part is… its affordable! Most fit apparel stores are overpriced and to hard to keep up for most people, but has a price that can meet anyone’s budget and still keep you stylish at the gym or outside. Look at these fun running shoes below.

We also have styles for both men and woman. That is hard to find at most stores. Majority of what is on the market right now is catered directly to women although there are plenty of men hitting the gym and competing nowadays. Check out this fun pattern below for men’s swimming.

SO… stay active and fit and keep up to date on our blog here, and on social media. We update our Instagram @uptownlives, facebook Uptown lives, and YouTube Uptown Lives and many more.

All of our social media is updated daily. As always for your latest in fitness and health. Our blog is updated very couple days so remember to check back here.

Uptown Lives writer and editor: Lexi Crow
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