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(Fnaf 4 roleplay anybody?)

looks around wondering where I am

WAAIT I JUST REALIZED I'M A OWNER! eternal screaming of joy

you are a new night guard you are walking though ballora gallery

Ballora: I can hear someone walking though my room

I'm bored

you see me sitting in the fnaf 2 office with five other friends

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(Mlp ocs)
Lightning walks around Fazbears Fright
Lightning: says quietly Molly,you there?
Molly through walkie talkie: says quietly yes. Does Spring Trap know we're here?
Lightning: says quietly no. Not yet
Molly through walkie talkie: says quietly Ok. Springtrap is in the room in the wayyy back.
Lightning: says quietly ok. Lightning out.
Lightning keeps walking

Anyone wanna rp?

springtrap: found you!


bon-bon: oh no friend. runs to you

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Hello or should i say goodbye ?!
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