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We really want this to be a place of unity and growth. Unlike many groups online or places in the world, there's too much negativity. So let's have some guidelines to make sure that doesn't happen here. First and  foremost, the golden rule:
1. BE RESECTFUL. If you don't think you can be respectful to a member/post, be respectful of the group, itself.
2. No cussing
3. No putting people down
4. No rude remarks
5. No negativity towards one another or different faiths
6. No Spam or non-related Advertising. (We DO have a special place for sharing your groups, ads, books, sites, etc... > Please post in Para Ads)
7. No distasteful posts, pics or porn
8. No arguing- this ain't iJerrySpringer
9. No posts unrelated to the group's subject is allowed
10. Please try and post in the according category- if not, Owner will move to appropriate category
11. It's ok not to agree on everything, but if you're not a believer in the supernatural, please don't join to demean- you will be banned immediately.
#paranormal    #supernatural   #ghosts   #haunting #bizarre   #spiritual   #demonic   #faith   #folklore   #myths   #legends  
This is a Christian based-group, but ALL FAITHS are WELCOME!
We can learn a lot from each other! #ParanormalUnity  
12. Because this group's foundation is Christianity, no blasphemy of the faith, Christians or God is tolerated- NEITHER is arguing of ANY religion! (Stating facts and thoughts are fine, as long as they are not negative).
This is not a place for angry debates or harsh words, hatred, judgement or drama- but about learning, friendship and entertainment with like minded people.
This group will be an active one, and moderated. All postings and Banning will be at the Owner's discretion.

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GeoBox #3 ITC spirit box session. Spirit communication using this radio ghost box is often hard to hear. Most responses were not heard at the time. Only after reviewing the video. Interesting for sure. Saying "haunted house" a few times and even saying something about ghosts. So to the skeptics, I'll say, turn on an AM radio in July, scan through the channels and try to find someone saying "haunted house" about 3 times within about 15 minutes.
Recorded on July 18, 2017

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must see guys what a location soo much paranormal activity joined by special guest top medium Paul Cissell its paranormal activity at its best and paul got it spot on what a medium. Enjoy guys

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SCD-1 Spirit Box ITC spirit communication session using my Portal. The date was 7/17/17 so I decided to try a spirit box session between 7:07 pm & 7:17 pm. Before this I meditated for about 30 minutes with my crystal skull "Saturn Moon", a 26 lb. Brazilian rainbow quartz skull. I wondered if there would be any difference or any special messages with the date & time sort of lining up and in sync. This turned out to be a very interesting session. Reviewing it I was very surprised by what I heard. There ended up being many responses, most I didn't hear in real time. I only heard them when reviewing the video. This does happen quite often.

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Real ghost communication caught on camera what a episode guys some amazing evidence caught was the most bizarre investigation ive ever done enjoy and please share guys. Thanks

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Do you believe in the curse of the Pharaohs?

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EVP caught in backyard

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Your Spirit News Broadcast!

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A spirit box session using SCD-1 & SCD-2 spirit box apps and my Portal. Recorded on the evening of the full moon. July 9, 2017
A very interesting session, even using the Portals reverse audio mode. Much more here than I thought there was. So much isn't heard in real time when it's happening, only heard during review of the audio.
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