We have thing going on in our home our handicap son is seeing a small boy that tells him to do thing and follows him through out the house and my fiancé has finger tip bruises every so often, we have a hallway that my fiancé and grandson has uncomfortable feelings from it and for their safety we would like to find out what’s going on with our trailers 918-576-3788

Amy is amazing at what she does..watching it right now.

My mom watches every episode, on every single Saturday night that they are on. She's VERY MUCH into the Paranormal field of interest. Also, she's a 110% loyal reading enthusiast, of, Sylvia Brown (Phsycic), and, John Edwards (Phsycic too). Is she a true believer? Oh yes, 110% hard core believer.

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Hundreds of brand to guess! Try to play this funny logo quiz game!! http://goo.gl/ZKNahx

I know paranormal entities exist. I love this show! I think more people should listen to what sensitive's  have to say. Especially if they ask for nothing in return! I try to help whoever I can. Every one needs to feel secure in their homes/lives and everyone needs closure.
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