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Quick computer/mouse doodle ^_^
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And the other guy.
Name: Rebound
Age: 18 forever, he stopped his aging so he could stay with Lunar, a friend's OC who he's engaged to.
Family: Lyte(brother) Celestic(technical sister) Lunar(fiancée) and his child, Shard.
Personality: Much more serious than his younger brother, he's the "darker" one of the two. He's been through more trauma than Lyte, and as such is much more distant and reserved. He loves to sing and frequently does karaoke with other characters including Celestic and his brother. he also enjoys reading and programming.
NOTE: that isn't his soul he's holding, his is dark purple.

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OC of mine!
Name: Lyte
Age: 15-16
Relatives: Rebound(brother), Celestic(technical sister) Keno!Gaster(creator)
Personality: Energetic and friendly, but with a dark side from corrupted determination. He's about a year younger than Celestic, two years younger than Rebound. He recently suffered head injuries that put him into a coma. Randomly he'll go through huge depressions, made his sanity a bit testy.
My camera sucks, I have to get a better one. And this is not my best art, it's from about three months ago.

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I hope u like it :3

Come one, come all! Everyone is welcome here. Bring the oodles of OCs, the crazy theories, all of it! Show those characters you're hiding guys! Because my characters are getting lonely. They want friends.

Ok, this area's just for fun. Roleplay as whatever and whomever you want. Roleplay sins. Roleplay fluff. Roleplay random things no one understands. Do whatever. And, if you feel it's getting "personal", you can take it to a chat.

So, Question and Answer. Just post your character/your "Open for questions" and there you go.
Please no intentionally offensive, improper or simply stupid questions.
Resolve any conflict without contacting me IF POSSIBLE. If not, I will interfere and possibly ban perpetrators. You get two to three warnings based on the offense.
Posters(people opening asks):
No copyright infringement, so, for example, if you want to make and Error/Blueberry Q&A, make sure it is not plagiarizing the original.
Nothing offensive, so, no racism, no insults, or putdowns.
And lastly, NO ARGUING ABOUT SHIPS, DAMMIT. I will not tolerate arguing about flipping ships. Ship NightCross? Fine. Ship Cream? Fine. Ship your OC with someone? FINE. Just don't fight over it.

This area is to submit characters to be featured on art blogs, in writing, to ask for someone to draw the character, and to create profiles for your character(s).

Above all others, NO hate.
Try to keep it SFW, but if you have an amazing sin, okay.
No plagiarism, please.
Ask before sharing other people's artwork.
And be creative!
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