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OK so someone had to ban people again, and it can't be that fatass UTTP guy since he would've removed the owners, so I think I'm going to leave and have someone replace my spot... Anybody up for being an owner?

Hello?? Hello? Everybody??? No? K

How to make terminate youtube and google+?

I think I might just leave, this community has turned into a pile of shit. I have no reason to be owner anymore... Unless more people post and join

thanks for letting me join :3

in the voce of the MCP from tron search it up:_Hello +BloodShed 96 thanks for inviting me..._

Man!!!! I want to search who is ban is?. But i don't know how to find.

Oh my god!!! Everyone hate me!!

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You have a shrek icon, its obvious you can't wipe your own ass, You can't tell right from left, you cant spell right...

Now here's a real threat: Try anything with our community and we'll return the favor... And we'll make sure you get what you deserve.. So, kid, if you don't want your account gone.. Then don't mess with the community.. Got that?
+BloodShed 96 here is a threat, I will request to join your anti uttp community. If you don't let me join I will hack it, if you do let me join I won't hack it. Tell members that impending doom is upon them. LONG LIVE THE UTTP.

This community is no longer accepting members for two weeks since I've banned three of the banners alt. Accounts. Yep, Joe Millams alt account has banned people here and I'm afraid one of his second accounts will ban everyone.. If he gets in within a position of trust and could ban everyone.
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