Can you create a form that totals entered data? For instance if you were selling girl scout cookies on a form would calculate 2 boxes of thin mints and samoas for a grand total.

I've a form section which has 1 requester and 3 approvers. When an approver clicks on the FormEditURL link in the email, it will open the form to the choose which approver he/she is. Is there a way to skip this step and go directly to the appropriate section? I know we can do this for the requester by using the copy link, but what about the rest?

Hello, I generated a PDF via form publisher and the latter always ends in SPAM... an idea?

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How can we change who receives the Google Form response email that is sent out when a form is submitted?

I noticed that if I use the grid for answers, in quiz mode, that I cannot create an answer key. Has anyone been successful at creating a form quiz with the grid, that has the answers?

How do I get rows to lock the height I want. When responses come in it is very hard to see. I can change the height but then when a new response comes in it automatically changes back to default.

How do i get respondent's email address when he/she submits a form

If I delete a row in a google sheet that has been linked to a google form, will that change the summary of responses? I want to delete a submission that was a test run so I can look at an accurate graph and findings for the responses.

Recent Bugs on Form Ranger is not auto-repopulating questions on submit or even on hourly triggers. Any suggestions or other Add-Ons that will do this? Thanks!
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