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names nightmare
age 14
gender male
power of darkness
back story: I was 12 wen I got my powers from a dark mist it like it wus in my blood I wake up not nowing wut happened then I saw black mist comeing out of my hand I learn who to control it that how I became nightmare

Powers:Black magic,levitation
Back Story: I was born to Arella and my dad is Trigon. when I was 12 my dad attack because he is evil!!!!! But I made a deal with him when I was 16 he could use me. But when I was 15 I could feel my dads energy so I fled to earth. and joined teen titans when I was 16 my friends helped me defeat Trigon and now I live happily with teen titans or almost if beast boy would stop with his idiotic JOKES


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Name: Rorek of the Nol
Gender: Male
powers: Green power and Ninja like skills
Backstory: I was about 6 years old when I first learned how to use my magic. That's when I first started to battle. at the age of 15 I Became the greatest wizard in history.
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