I don't know what happened here, but let's get this place more active!

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name: Travix bassdrop
age: 15
bio: blind sniper hacker spec ops heavy mech expert weapons expert front lines lover tactition scout 
has a family but does what he has to do to win

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We have located the NLR

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The other Solar Empire was a decoy
Weve located the real one

(Embarising that I've never posted rules)
Note: may have changes in the future

-No spaming
-No porn (as usual)
-No mentioning of anyone outside the community
-Mentions of other comunities is acceptable
-Must sign in before you can RP

Waits at Starship Docks for +Xeeon Brock

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Name: Conall Sciencecamp
Gender: Stallion 
Age: 18
Race: Pegasus
Bio: Being a great Scientist, He has made advanced weaponry Armour, tanks, etc. He has become the BEST scientist In equestria He got his Atomic powers when he was a colt ((Will make story if commented)) Can Clone, Manipulate, and Delete Atoms/Molecules ((STORY WHY HE JOINED THE ISA)) He was trying out his new scope one day (A 36x Tactical scope) He saw the war between The SE And the NLR Since that, He set up a small group to make advanced weapons. He has done Exceptionally well And Gladly joined the ISA.
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Walks into Dorm 18 And drops off Bags "Ok so I'll get off to work in no time!" Makes allot of stuff with atomic powers

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To all personel:
the Elite rank is currentlyu avalable*
Please notify me if you want to reach this rank

*avalable only to moderators

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we currently have a lock on the Solar Emipre's HQ
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