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Please Read the Whole Post—this is what we are and why we're striking

People have complained for ages about the frustrating mannerisms of the school system—oppression of individual thought while requiring it for certain classes, teaching people not to think critically in order to prepare them for a college that forces them to think critically, genuine mental issues that cannot simply be "gotten over" being looked over as a student trying to blow off their work, the neglect of students and their needs, the absolute shaft that teachers are given both in how they're managed, how they're treated, thought of, payed, and under what conditions they're judged on whether or not they should keep their jobs.

I could go on for eternity listing off the seemingly infinite issues plaguing the American School system as a whole. But doing that on here would only serve to vent—to subside my personal anger about this issue until it builds up and I once again have to rant my opinions to others who feel the same. But all we can do for each other, and for future generations of students, is to listen. But what the system could do if it listened*—that is what we all want.

We can't reform everything, there are some things on the federal level that out voices could never reach. But there are schools where our voices can at least reach our principles, and if we can go that far, then I believe we can go farther! If we collect enough voices, all calling out together then maybe someone with real power might hear us. And we aren't here to complain because we don't enjoy our work, or because we feel overworked, or because we don't like our teachers. This is not a knee-jerk reaction to my or others' personal feelings on their experiences.

*This system is broken. We are not being educated. Our siblings, and our children, and their children will not be educated. It is this flawed and foolish system that has scorned and failed revolutionary minds who changed the way we view the world, whose inventions we could never live without! This system spawned the fools that manage our awful policies; policies that allow police officers to get away with unwarranted murders and politicians who scream to all their racism and bigotry and it spawned the people that cheer for them!

We can't change everything. But with enough voices we can at the very least reach OCPS, and perhaps even the governer. With enough people we could draw attention to this issue and show that even at our age we can understand that this education system is dooming us to ignorance and failure.

Our goal is to organize all the students we can, gather hundreds of likeminded people who want to be truly educated and not be neglected and not allow our teachers to be neglected. If we can gather enough people across OCPS, for a few days in 2017 before the end of this school year we'll all go on strike together! We'll be at the schools, standing outside and protesting the foolish systems that reprimand us for being smart enough to realize we aren't learning!

Join us, and maybe not only you will gain the recognition we all deserve in schools, but you could secure the future for those who will come after us to know that future generations of children will not have to speak up like this—will not have to feel ostracized or scorned for being individual and will not have to worry on if their teachers will be able to support themselves and mental issues are no longer a constant threat simply from being a single person in this cold and unfeeling system!

We'll organize everything for the strike on here—meetups, discussion of issues, exchanging signs and slogans, and eventually the dates to actually strike

The absolute exclusion of electives that are far more applicable to adult and professional life in the school system and how much so many of them are shafted.
Instead of focusing on getting half-decent textbooks for electives like French or more than a single half-decent teacher for Debate, or even the implementation of a basic level creative writing class, the system instead directs its money to the construction of new schools, or paying school board's for putting unready students in the seats of absurd AP classes that will have no impact on their eventual lives
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