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Team name glorious diamonds

Thomas ryback

James Morris

John McClellan

Revolution man

Dead man live bait

Irish blue blood
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Niggas, this community is fucking dead,

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Can I be Shane' o Mac ??????

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What up I'm baliy

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Why not?

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We're having a rebranding here, and the first thing is we'll be changing our 2 main shows, Xplode And War, to Armageddon, and Force (Names are subject to change). Just as before both brands will be showing off the same roster.

Pay per views are going to be held every month, featuring 6 matches (Some feature 8). We have 12 new PPV's waiting for the light of day, which will be announced on a separate post.

Regarding championships, we will be introducing a new championship, and we need a number one contender. For this, we're going to be having 4 six-man matches, and the winners will be facing of another winner in a one on one match. The person who finishes their match in the least amount of time gets to choose the stipulation for their match. (For example, the first two winners of the first two 6 pack matches will be facing each other. If the winner of the second match won faster than the one in the first, he chooses the stipulation.) The two finalist will go at it in a TLC match for the new championship, at the debut show, Apocalypse. All matches will be featured on Twitch, Live. The debut show will take place tomorrow at 2 pm Eastern time, and I'll post the show card later.

Any questions?

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What's up I'm John Morrison

Ring name: Enzo Amore

Real name: Eric Arndt

From: Hackensack, NJ, USA

Finisher: Corner Tornado DDT

Show: Raw/NXT

Can I be stone cold?

Ring Name: Shinsuke Nakamura
Real Name: Shinsuke Nakamura
From: Mineyama, Kyoto, Japan
Show: NXT
Finisher: -Bomaye (Knee strike to an opponent's head,sometimes from the second rope)
-Cross armbreaker,sometimes while flying
-Landslide (Samoan driver, sometimes from the second rope)
-Shining Triangle (Running triangle chokewhile using the opponent's knee for leverage)
Signature:-Death Valley driver
-Double knee backbreaker
-Double underhook piledriver
-El Niño (Springboard moonsault)
-Front sleeper hold
-Inverted powerslam
-Running knee strike to a cornered opponent
-With Hiroyoshi TenzanDouble-team finishing movesTen-Naka Koroshi (Doomsday DDT)

Enemies: None
Allies: None
Side: Face
Birthdate: February 24, 1980 (age 36)
Social Media: (Optional) ShinsukeN - Twitter 

And the Other Shinsuke Nakurma Stole my RP
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