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Why does full body hyperthermia treatment work for Lyme Disease?

Full body hyperthermia treatment is effective in killing pathogenic microbes, particularly Borrelia infections in Lyme Disease patient.

Borrelia are characterized as “thermolabile,” or susceptible to destruction by heat, and have no resistance to tolerate high temperature.

As the full body hyperthermia treatment raises the core body temperature, the thermal energy penetrates the deeper layers of tissue and the Borrelia microbes.

As the pathogenic microbes do not have resistance to tolerate high temperatures, full body hyperthermia treatment has been found to be an effective treatment in keeping normal tissues and cells healthy, while attacking Borrelia infections as part of the Lyme Disease treatment program at Hope4Immunity.

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Hope4Immunity is a state-of-the-art, fully-licensed alternative medicine treatment center and immune recovery facility located in Cancun, México on the Caribbean Coast, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Our approach is to create an environment of healing and hope, with a treatment protocol recommended for your individual needs.

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Does any have Lyme that could give me some information? I'm new to this.
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