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Here are the packs and info on them!!!

Sunpack: Alpha: Galixy, Sun
Hunter(s): Eclipse, Solar
Medicine wolf (s) :
Guard wolves:

Important notice!!! If you are in Sun pack, it means you chose the easy, peacefullish way of living. It's basically the opposite of the Ferrel pack.

Ferrelpack: Alpha: Allison
Hunter(s): Terrance, Trout
Medicine wolf(s):
Guard wolves:

Important notice!!!! If you are in Ferrel pack, it means you are with the evil way of living. Ferrel pack is the evil pack. So be warned!

Medicinepack: Head Medicine Wolf: Jessica
Training Ferrel medicine wolf(s): Carly
Training Sun medicine wolf(s):

Important notice!! If you are in the medicine pack, you grow up in that pack and train until you are a full medicine wolf, and the Alpha of the medicine pack will choose which pack you go to to help treat the sick and wounded. And at every half and full moon, hey meet at the medicine pack cave where they all have there own sort of gathering. 


Lilac was running around, watching the butterfly with curiosity, all the sudden a growl was coming from the bush behind her, she looked and two glowing eyes were coming from the darkness (Lilacs a pup, it was approved, I really want this place to be active so I'm doing a Roleplay XD))

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Name: Jessica
Age: 97 moons
Pack: Medicine
Rank: Head Medicine wolf/ mentor to training wolves
Bio: I was born into Sun pack, but always was interested at our medicine wolves herbs and healing. So, I decided to become a Medicine wolf and before long I was a full on medicine wolf. After awhile, I started to help train other training wolves with the head medicine wolf, Trina and she made me her Beta. So when she died, I became the head medicine wolf of the Medicine pack.

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Name Black Sun
Age 56 moons
Pack (idk ;-;)
Rank (what does that even mean)
Bio When he was a pup, he watched hunters kill his pack. He ran as far as he could go, teaching himself to hunt and live. He now stays to the back of the pack rarely even making eye contact with others
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Age: 89 moons
Bio:Was born near a Human village and was almost killed by one of the guard dogs they had. I have a long scar on my back, no fur growed back over it. When I was 60 moons old, I decided to join the Ferrel pack. I became Beta when I first arrived, proving I could do it of course, and then became Alpha.

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Name: Lilac
Age: 2 Moons
Pack: Ferral
Rank: Pup
Bio: She was abandoned but she was taken into the Ferral Pack, she's very playful but gets tired easily

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