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I wanna take a moment and go over opinions in a long af post. What they really mean here, and how things in general are getting a little screwy with them.

So instead of saying the obvious you might expect from this post. I wanna address the more forgotten issue, and I'm just gonna say it:
Negativity does not equal hate.
When someone says an opinion that isn't all sunshine and rainbows, I see a common response that labels said person as a "hater", or they get nasty responses all around, and honestly, the term hater has really gotten twisted and it's pretty thin on what's considered hating.
Apparently saying anything negative is hating but
That's not true.
At least it's not true here.

Example would be someone posting Soriel, somebody comments and they say "That's disgusting, I don't ship it/or I hate this ship"
Well, that's their opinion believe it or not, and it's not something you should call a mod over to.
And really, you guys should try not to be bothered by things like that, I doubt said person was even trying to insult the OP or any shippers.
It's just how they feel about that specific thing, and to be blunt
Some of you of people are a tad sensitive.
They're insulting a fictional pairing, chill.

However, if you've calling the shippers themselves disgusting, or you're directing that negativity at the OP, that's an issue and you're being an ass.
You're insulting people personally.
It's also an issue if you're being over dramatic like "This is criiiinge, it's ruining the fandom!"
Because it starts drama. Same goes for spamming those exaggerated reaction GIFs/images.
Harassing, telling people to kill themselves, bullying
That all crosses the line.

Our main goal to be protecting members from disrespect.
It's not our goal to be shutting down opinions.
It doesn't hurt to be civil, but it's not always bad to be passionate either. You can say something is disgusting, you can say it's bad or terrible, you can say you don't like it.
If you feel someone has called you out just because you had a opinion that wasn't all nice, you can say something to a mod.
But remember, you can't use this to shield yourself either, there's still a line you can cross.

The only time when this doesn't apply is someone posts their own artwork. Constructive criticism is always preferred in that situation. Downright saying their artwork is terrible is discouraging and doesn't help them improve.

And please, don't tell people to keep it to themselves or to "deal with it", if they don't like something, they should be able to express it.
Telling them those things is pretty much "shut up."
If you don't wanna hear any potential negativity, it's your choice, but disabling the comments is recommended, otherwise, you shouldn't shut people down if they aren't targeting you.

Finally, how to say an opinion isn't set in stone, all opinion is by definition is thoughts/viewpoints on a particular matter.

If you post a crossover/ship/AU etc you should be expecting reactions and opinions.
Before getting set off if someone didn't necessarily like it, ask yourself, are they targeting you personally or the thing you posted? Are they intentionally trying to start a problem? Are they insulting others? If it's towards thing you posted, continue asking if it's something you should be set off about or really make a deal over.
Yes, I get some of you people are really into your shippings or AUs, but
Try not to take it personally.
You can end up saving yourself time, and the mods' time too.

It was honestly really hard to go over this. This is a little touchy and there's many situations/context that can happen where it may not be easy to make a right call. There's also many people who do get offended here which kinda adds difficulty to this whole thing.
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Natsu: Something wrong, Lucy?

Lucy: No... not really. Just... thank you.

#NaLu 😘😁

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Does Pokémon count? If not, Claymore [watch it plz its amazing]

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just wondering :)
Quick question
List 3 anime characters that perfectly describes you ?

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Coco [earth land]
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