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The family
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If you want the Hokage  Spot Show me your capable of that role 6 spots.If you have any questions or concerns please messgae me. In order to prove to be you must:AMV of a song that describes you or a fighting clip something that shows me your true power.

First Hokage:
Second Hokage:
Third Hokage:
Fourth Hokage:
Fifth Hokage: +Obito Uchiha
Sixth Hokage:

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+Obito Uchiha​ he's mine so don't try any sneaky stuff with him I'm just stating but anyways have a great day

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(open RP)
looks at the water and sees the stream coming off the water and smiles as I get in the water and closes my eyes and relaxes

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Just saying welcome and invite anyone just please don't be rude and no bullying and no sex in the community

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Name: Suyuki Mizore Kodai( スーウキ ミゾア コーデ)
Symbol: Uchiha Clan Symbol
Pronunciation: (suzuki mizoa koodee)
Name Origin: Japan Name Meaning:
Other Names:Scarlett,Silent Princess,Rogue and Yuko
Titles: none
Alternate Forms: none
Social Security Number:non american
ID Number: BP64
Theme Song:
Zodiac: Cancer
Birth Date: July 4th,1996
Birth Name: Suyuki
Birthplace: Tokyo,Japan
Birth Weight: 7.5 lbs
Birth Length: 5.5
Manner of Birth: Sea section
First Word(s): Konchiwa
Death Date: Unknown
Age at Death: Unknown
Death Place: Unknown
Resting Place:Unknown
Manner of Death: Unknown
Last Words: Unknown
Primary Objective: Meeting her father...
Secondary Objectives:Starting a new life for herself
Priorities: Friends and people
Motivation: Was raised to be kind to people
Accomplishments: Girl Scouts,Spelling Bee Champion, Varsity Cheerleader,Choir Singer
Greatest Achievement: Saved their siblings
Failures: Fell in love too quick
Biggest Failure: Letting her brother die
Self-Confidence: A Lot of confidence
Traumas: Abuse,Abandonment
Afflictions: Abandonment
Embarrassments: Birthmark
Worries: Her past
Soothers: Eating Pocky and listening to music
Instigators: People she let’s in
Earliest Memory: Seeing her mother doing her hair and walking her to the grocery stores and seeing her mother’s smile Fondest Memory: Unknown
Worst Memory: Seeing death
Favorite Dream: Sitting with her mother in her bedroom watching cartoons eating popcorn laughing and enjoying the mother daughter bonding.
Worst Nightmare: Watching her mother and brother die repeatedly and unable to save them.
Desires: Becoming a teacher or model
Wishes: She could have saved her mother and brother
Regrets: Not protecting her brother
Secrets: She knows who killed her mother.
Confidantes: Her best friend she is tells him everything including the death of her mother and brother
Soft Spots: Little kids, elderly people, staff members at school
Cruel Streaks: None
Musical Instrument: Guitar,Bass Guitar,Piano
Quirks: Eyes change color according to mood and hair does too
Dominant Hand: Right Handed
Catchphrase: “ It’s because I fail … I have the strength to keep fighting … and that type of strength is real strength …”
Autograph: A initial with a heart by it
IQ: 130
Known Languages: Japanese.Spanish,French,Italian,Russian,English,German
Lures: Innocence
Manias: Pocky
Memory: Very well
Phobias: Spiders
Savvies: Cooking
Ineptitudes: Bullies
Temperament: Depression
Hobbies: Yoga,Soccer,Football,Dancing,Singing,Shopping Pet Peeves: Teeth chatter,whispering during movies Logical-Mathematical: Very Well
Spatial: Quickly
Linguistic: Very Well
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Well
Musical: Very Well
Interpersonal: Well
Intrapersonal: Well to some extend
Existential: Well
Morality: Be Careful I change my mind
Etiquette: During fights
Attitude: Happy
Outlook on Life: Unsure
Perception: Optimistically, Realistically?
Standpoint: Good V.S. Evil
Philosophy: "All's well that ends well"
Political Party: Independent
Animal: Bobcat
Religion: Christian
Devotion: Ok
Superstitions: All of them
Virtues: Chastity, Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Patience, or Justice
Vices: Happy,Sad,Depressed,Annoyed,Angry,Frustrated,Pissed Off,Hurt
Ability: Knowledgeable
Element: Water
Immunities: Pain
Futilities: None
Restrictions: None
Origin: None
Source: None
Likes: Partying,Long Walks and Meeting people
Dislikes: Bullies,Cheaters,Haters,non-polite people
Favorite Actor: Kate Beckinsale
Favorite Animal: Chipmunk
Favorite Arts: Martial Arts
Favorite Band: Too many to list
Favorite Book: Manga
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Country: Japan
Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew
Favorite Excuse: My dog ate my homework
Favorite Food: Everything
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry
Favorite Movie: The Visit
Favorite Musical Genre: Metal(emo,punk,rock)
Favorite Mythical Creature: Sirens
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite Pastime: Dawn
Favorite People: Best Friend
Favorite Place: My room
Favorite Quote: “I'm okay I'm okay now.But you really need to listen to m e
'cause i'm telling you the truth I mean this i'm okay Trust me... I'm not okay...Well okay im not okay.Im not o-f cking-kay”
Favorite Restaurant: Red Robins
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Song: If You Can’t Hang By Sleeping With Sirens
Favorite Store: Hot Topic & Spencer’s
Favorite Story Genre: Horror
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite TV Show: Anime
Favorite Words: Twit,Wanker,Moron
Least Favorite Actor: Leonardo Decaprio
Least Favorite Animal: Bird
Least Favorite Arts: painting
Least Favorite Band: idk
Least Favorite Book: romance
Least Favorite Color: white
Least Favorite Country: USA
Least Favorite Drink: none
Least Favorite Excuse: He made me do it
Least Favorite Food: sardines
Least Favorite Flavor: cherry
Least Favorite Movie: John Tucker Must Die
Least Favorite Musical Genre: Country
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: Witches
Least Favorite Number: 69
Least Favorite Pastime: Dusk
Least Favorite People: bullies
Least Favorite Place: family room
Least Favorite Quote: “ Your misery and hate will kill us all “
Least Favorite Restaurant: McDonalds
Least Favorite Season: Winter
Least Favorite Song: Call Me Maybe By CArly Rae Jepsen
Least Favorite Store: Macy
Least Favorite Story Genre: Romance
Least Favorite Subject: Science
Least Favorite TV Show: Romance
Least Favorite Words: ok
Accessories: Rings,Bracelets,Necklaces, Toe rings
Dress Style/Wardrobe:Gothic
Equipment: Phone and a bat, katan
Most Prized Possession: locket
Most Valuable Possession: glass rose
Trinkets: un,arm knife
Communication: Bows
Criminal Record: none
Discriminations: Bullies, thugs,cheaters
Dominance: Iron-fistedly
Ego: Doesn’t think she’s all that amazing
Emotional Stability: Negative amount
Expression: Through clothes
Humor: Death
Liveliness: Normal
Mannerisms: Well Mannered
Patience: Very patient
Reputation: Smart people with bright futures
Sociability: Always talking to someone
Status: Quiet,Popular
Style: Gothic, Emo
Compliments: "I like your hair", "I think you are super smart" Insults: "You are stupid and ugly and no one likes you"
Emotional Status: Depressed
Expletives: Swear words
Mood: Angry,Thoughtful,Speechless,Sweet,Caring,Happy
State of Mind: Surprised
Words: "Dude"
Farewells: "Sayonara", Waving
Greetings: "Hello",Bows
Average Grade: A
Degrees: Bachelor's
Education: College
Extracurricular: Fight Club,Anime Club
Graduating Year: 2018
School: Home Schooled
Special Education: None
Study Habits: Hours
Association: Hot Topic
Boss: Mr.Mato
Experience: 4 years
Hours: open til closing
Days: All week (56 hours)
Learning Type: Visual
Occupation: Game Designer
Rank: Vice President
Work Ethic: Thoroughly and effectively
Transportation: Walks
Class: Upper
Debt: 40000¥
Dependents: noone
Funds: $5000000
Income: $75/hour and $52500/year
Immediate Family: Neighbor
Close Relatives: Uncles
Distant Relatives: Great granduncle
Ancestors: none

Acquaintances: best friend
Allegiance: Unknown
Allies: Spencers
Enemies: Unknown
Followers: Unknown
Friends: Sasuke
Heroes: Her Mother and Brother
Inspirations: Her Mother
Pets: none
Rivals: ex friends Role Models: Kate Beckinsale
Subordinates: Unknown
Angry: sometimes
Anxious: sometimes
Conflicted: sometimes
Criticized: always
Depressed: always
Excited: sometimes
Frightened: sometimes
Guilty: no
Happy: always
Humiliated: never
Instincts: some
Mistaken: always
Nervous: always
Offended: always
Praised: sometimes
Rejected: often
Sad: sometimes Stressed: sometimes
Thoughtful: always
Signature Move: roundhouse kick
Specialty: tai chi and mixed martial arts
Special Attack: sleeping tiger
Strengths: punches
Weaknesses: grapples Summon Level: unsure Threat Level: high Species: human
Nationality: japanese
Skin Color: white
Height: 5’6’in
Weight: 145 lbs
Scars: none
Piercings: nose,tongue,lip,eyebrow,ears and belly
Tattoos: arms, back,neck,knuckles,ankles
Hat Size: 10
Shirt Size: med
Waist Size: 6
Shoe Size: 9 1/2
Face Shape: round
Hair Color: varies
Hair Length: long
Hair Type: varies
Hair Style: varies
Widow's Peak: none
Eyebrows: arched
Facial Hair: none Ear Type: normal
Ear Shape: round
Eye Type: caress
Eye Color: varies
Nose Shape: pointy
Nose Color: white
Teeth: omnivorous
Chin Shape: round
Fur Type: none
Fur Length: none
Fur Color: none
Fur Designs: none
Locomotion: unguligrade
Tail Type: none
Tail Length: none Tail Color: none
Tail Design: none
Tail Girth: none
Makeup: some
Abnormalities: unknown
Addictions: pocky
Aids: none
Allergies: none
Augmentations: none
Broken Bones: none
Conditions: none
Diseases: none
Disorders: many
Extra Anatomy: none
Handicaps: none
Medication: none
Vulnerabilities: none
Reason for Health: none
Birthmarks: breast
Blood Type: O
Dexterity: none
Diet: none
Exercise: always
Figure: skinny
Fitness: physical fir
Hygiene: clean
Martial Arts: everything
Maximum Load: 300 lbs
Posture: perfect
Scent: Peaches
Somatotype: unknown
Audition: none
Gustation: none
Olfaction: none Tactician: none Vision: none Intuition: none
Synesthesia: none Gender: Female Gender Role: Girl
Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: none
Turn Ons: Long hair,piercings,tattoos, abs
Turn-offs: hairy
Sex Life: unknown
Virginity: still pure
First Love: no one yet
Love Interests: noone yet
Marital Status: single
Significant Other: unknown
Abode: unsure
Citizenship: yes
Culture: Japanese
Hometown: Tokyo Traditions: shoes left at the door
Sleep Patterns: 10pm-5am Accent/Dialect: Japanese
Impediments: none
Laughter: cute
Pitch: high Range: unsure
Volume: soft
Archetype: unknown
Enneagram: unknown
First Appearance: in the village
Earliest Appearance: hospital
Flaws: love
Tropes: none
Clichés: none
Role: none Fulfillment: unknown
Significance: unknown
Analogue: Hinata Hyguga
Desired Voice Actor: Kate Beckinsale
Inspiration:Lucy Heartfilia

MBTI Personality Type:
Persona: Hide the anger
First Impressions:Sweet girl
Strangers' Impressions:Not letting guard down
Friends' Impressions: Friendly
Family's Impressions:Normal
Self Impression:Average
Authority's Impressions: Smart Girl
Associates' Impressions: Smart Girl
Lover's Impression: she’s amazing
Creator's Impression: Perfect girl
Post Mortem Impression: smart girl
Physical: well fit and well mannered
Spiritual: kind
Infancy: age 0 to age 3
Childhood: age 4 to age 12
Adolescence: 13 to age 19
Adulthood: age 20
Biography: Her memories of her past to be unresolved….

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Birth date: november 8
Gender: Male
Part II: 35
Status Deceased
Part II: 164.1 cm
1.641 m
5.384 ft
64.606 in
Part II: 47.3 kg
104.279 lb
Blood type AB
Puppet Brigade
Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon
Ninja Registration 33-001
Academy Grad. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 8
Sasori's Mother (Mother)
Sasori's Father (Father)
Chiyo (Grandmother)
Ebizō (Granduncle)
Chakra Threads
Iron Sand Drizzle
Iron Sand Gathering Assault
Iron Sand World Method
Memory-Concealing Manipulative Sand Technique
Prepared Puppet: Eight Waves of Needles
Puppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body
Puppet Technique
Puppet Technique: Prosthetic Arm Senbon
Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets
Sand Clone (Anime only)
Thousand Hands Manipulation Force
Hundred Puppet Army
Iron Sand
Third Kazekage
Komushi (Anime only)
Mother and Father
Puppet Buzzsaw
Sand (Anime only)
Water Stream Shooters
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