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As of today we are no longer parasites. We are now considered called Anime Rift. Theres gonna be huge changes in here as well as new assign people in many areas so please don't be considering this as huge good chance for u to be even more op.

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Ancient Tower of History

They say things shouldn't be entered into without a very tough challenge.
Things unknown to even the knowledge seekers themselves. People once walked a million miles to reach world and wide to climb the Ancient Tower. This Tower is known to hold all knowledge on existence. From weakness of omniverse fighters, to many ways of saving humanity, to many ways of destroying humanity, to many ways of becoming strongest in universe. None has ever reached the top....none has ever made it out alive facing the ultimate threat guarding the top to the entrance of an sacred Ancient secrets. If you listen closely you can hear a manic laughing nonstop 24/7 as he hungers for another flesh to devour. Who could even be Alucard guarding the entrance as someone ordered him too, or it could be someone else guarding it. many threats is said to reach the top u must defeat the ancient warriors who once protected and caused threats to humanity. gather all 10 keys to face the mighty guardian.

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New Rules and Systems added to the following:

Rank Battles
Dimension Rift
Training grounds
Gods/Goddess Worlds
Special Events
Ancient Towers
has been added to the new systems. more will be added once we have more members.
+Night Flyer +Nina The Puppet Master +Paige Uchiha +Diamond Dust +Zakodo Dark Fox +Maka Albarn +Kabuto Yakushi 
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How To earn ranks from F-SSS

Rank F: Requires actual training from higher ups, Sparring, Missions, & Speaking with either me or other moderators at special meeting for new rank(or just ask us and we move u to another rank)

Rank E: Requires two more training session, one arena battle, fight me or another moderator in sparring session

Rank D: Requires 3 training sessions, specific retrieval quest for moderators/gods/goddess, Rank Battle once.

Rank C: Requires 4 training sessions, Dimension Rift Trips with me, errands for me, rank Battle once

Rank B: Requires 5 training sessions, Dimension Rift event once(which will be rewarded automatically if u did it before rank B), Two rank Battles, 3 arena, errands.(oh yes it gets harder if u want that omniverse. want easy way out without omniverse than complete only training, arena, and errands)

Rank A: *Requires 6 training sessions, Helping lower Ranks, Aiding the moderators in certain problems, 4 arena, errands, 4 Rank Battles, Ancient Tower entrance.

Rank S: Requires 7 training sessions, Helping lower ranks, helping gods/goddess, Helping moderators, Dimension rifts event 4 times, Crossing over to another world visit

Rank SS: Requires 9 Training sessions, Helping lower ranks, helping everyone in need, Errands for me, saving another world from chaos, destroying another world for me, be lazy, Help out +Diamond Dust and someone else if they require u too.(their allowed to give u orders up to 10 but more for rank SSS)

Rank SSS: (MLG Rank for badass here if u can do it) Requires 15 training sessions with me, +Diamond Dust and +Night Flyer with every limit u have either your omniverse or not, Dimension Rift battles against chaotic versions of you 3 times, fight broly the legendary super saiyan as dimension rift event with his strength surpassing yours, Share your badass music during any post u make including training session(must select only one to be known as badass for this community. Choose wisely or your stuck with it until u restart all back over again.), fight all the moderators and omniverse in arena together with picking of one of us as your partner.(which means after one of them lose, you get to select another partner even if the person who lost against u can be chosen as well as additional backup partner. and yes this is a reenactment of one piece battles event.)
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Assigning Roles

Teachers: open to Rank A to SSS up to 10

Masters: open to Rank S to SSS(since their more experienced) up to 20 but depends on the ranks and moderators decisions

Gods/Goddess open to Rank A and above only 20 is allowed

Mods: open up to 5 more people

All Moderators whose chosen excerpt for 3 chosen specific ones will be rank A. Rest of 3 will be No ranks just guidance over the people. They moderators will be randomly picked
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The profile OC update for Students













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New Rules

1: Your now able to become omniverse BUT, you must be Rank A or Do certain special request among the ancient Gods(means moderators if they feel u need to become one or not) to become omniverse.

2: People who are omniverse has to be willingly to teach lower class ranks (aka Rank F) all the basics they need to succeed in this Forsaken death world we live through.

3: As i explain the Ranks, they are not easy to earn like from old community and others u see. This Rank system requires more than battles to earn a good deserving Rank. It doesn't matter if u win the right amount of points for another rank, its how well u preform against another Rp'er and more.(note to self that there's many ways to getting another rank so don't get confused with not earning your deserving rank in rank battle if you can't beat it)

4: People who are moderators, its your rightful duty to not abuse your powers same way as not bully the lower ranks of this community. Bullying others in this community is FORBIDDEN and will get immediate BAN once doing so.

5: New Roleplayers that joins should feel welcomed regardless if their jerks, grammar nazi, or etc.... but if it bothers more than one person and its starting trouble its between us moderators to handle the problem either to ban or remove them from community. Please understand that we doing this for your own good.

6: Rank Systems may sometimes change overtime if theres many complaining, so don't worry if your rank is changed or knocked down because you get an special update to your OC to either become omniverse or God/Goddess.(or even a moderator if i feel like it or others feel like it as moderators and people of community)

7: As i mention about bullying, there is a no Bullying tolerance same way as a no trolling Tolerance. If your OC is a trolling type like Hazama Terumi i allow it for RP but if u Troll too far u will receive strikes until ban occurs. Please be warned of this situation.

8: Sometimes u may feel as tho you have annoying Rpers and u don't like rping in same community with them or don't like what their doing. Thats alright because thats what we moderators are here for. Its our job to tend to this problem regardless if we busy or not. Its also another way of saying, U cause trouble, we fix you with proper care of punishment. The person gets a 3 strike warning system and after that is ban. if he/she continues their completely removed from community no question ask.

9: People who are omniverse, U have options to either become one of top rulers of certain area, or do whatever u want route BUT taking the op thing too far and godmodding is a absolute NO to taking your omniverse away. Abusing Omniverse Status too much gets attention of moderators which leads to automatic removal of it from your OC for certain days, weeks, months, or permanently depending on how rude/determined that person is against moderators.

10: Remember to be nice to everyone of the community and have fun rping in here. Make sure to invite more friends in this community and stay FRESH!!!!!

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Visiting Gods/Goddess Worlds(for only certain ranks Required and certain Omniverse)

Theres an world that connects to all the rest of the Dimension rifts/crossover worlds that collides to us all. These mighty rulers are known as Gods & Goddess.
Their the mighty beings that give huge orders over the lives of many races that exist til today from crossover worlds.
Whatever they say is by judgement or mercy. Either way, they ask among the fighters of certain ranks or all ranks to ask for request.
If they don't fulfill that request than their certainly get the wraith of that God/goddess. (this goes back to beerus the god of destruction from dragon ball z series) If an god/goddess is enrage by the disobedient omniverse or rank members, their free to do whatever they want with u. (including it means killing your OC either permanently or just straight killing so your OC can revive later)
This is how it works in the world of the gods.
Disobeying is a no no to the gods even if ur a self-proclaim fighter as badass.
Know Your Place

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Classes To take in this community

As i mention about classes, Why be an straight fighter when u gotta have knowledge of certain ways in order to fight right? There's a time for fun, time for fighting, and time for knowledge in order to process as an fighter.
Classes of ranges:
Martial Arts
Why waste many times on fighting when u get more time learning before u actual face your foes. Its quickest way of learning their weakness with at least some knowledge. Power isn't everything to solve the problems. it takes brains to understand this world. (yes i hate school too but we have no choice in life or else we never be better at better jobs)
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