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In case you have missed it. Now up for download.
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On to new project, Xposed modules development. Checkout project here:

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Refined settings layout, v5.1

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WhatsAppBludR+ 5.0

Updated to play store base version
End-to-end message encryption
Added profile info in settings
And more

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WhatsApp BludR+ v5.0 focused on circular buttons.

Mod inspired by Bane (The darknight rises)
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Download link:

Mod by Yung Cet
Credits to WAMOD
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Telegram interface potted to WhatsApp code named C_MOD to run side by side with WhatsAppBludR+. Much like WhatsAppBludR+ themes are also supported on C_MOD and much more.

Download link coming soon...
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Whats new:
Updated the base to 2.12.453 ( Play Store )
Now compatible with Sneak_peek
Ability to send documents
Added over 100 new emoji
Fixed unable to paste texts in "WAMOD" Text-Entry Style
Fixed text overlapping icons in "Hangouts" Text-Entry Style
Added more ticks total (50)
Added more notification icon total (45)
Added Photo Square Size
Added Text entry size
Added more entry style total (13)
Added UL Call Color
In-App Translator to translate messages to 8 different languages ( supports multiple messages , too )
Added iOS 9.1 new Emojis
Added Option to hide all atttach button in conversation
Removed the poppup < visit the developer > message
Support all android 2.3. And up
Added Contact name in Conversation Center
Added Home Style:
and more...


If already running WhatsAppBludR4+:
- Download and install WhatsAppBludR4.16+ right away without uninstalling/back-up of chats (No data will be lost).

If you new to WhatsAppBludR+:
- Back up your WhatsApp chats
- Uninstall WhatsApp
- Download and install WhatsAppBludR4.16+
- Verify your cell number
- Restore chats
- Enjoy

How to get Sneak-peek:
After downloading and installing WhatsAppBludR4.16+ go to WhatsAppBludR+ Settings, click on Sneak-peek to download the apk.
Hit install after download, allow notification access in settings, and that's it.
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How to run WhatsAppBludR+ and WhatsApp on one device:

Thought I cover this here for those running devices that come pre-installed with WhatsApp but would like to use WhatsAppBludR+ without having to root their devices. So, you have a pre-installed WhatsApp on your device and do not want root to gain root access and be able to remove the pre-installed WhatsApp, well follow the steps below:

- Download the lastest version of WhatsAppBludR+ (V4.16+) here:
- Download and Install the WhatsAppBludR4.16+

From here you have one of the two options you can take depending on what you want to do:

Option 1: Using two accounts
If you have another number you would like to add, after installation of WhatsAppBludR+,
- run the app and use the new number you would like to add, complete the setup as you would with the normal WhatsApp.
- You will receive a new sms code for verification on this number so it is very important that the number is working (doesn't have to be on the same device).
- That's it you now have to WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Option 2: You don't want to use multiple account but have a pre-installed WhatsApp

- Back up your chats on the pre-installed WhatsApp
- Freeze the pre-installed WhatsApp/clear its data
- Install and run WhatsAppBludR+
- Enter the cell number used in the other WhatsApp,
- verify the number
- Restore chats
- Done.

Credits to Yung Cet
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