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Spring Sale!
In preparation for the coming Spring and the inevitable Elsie cravings, we have slashed the price of some of the LC Club merchandise on the web store.
Head on over to the shop to take a look at what bargains are on offer.
Sale starts Monday 20th February and is on until the end of April 2017.
Some items are low stock so get in there quick.

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We have just added the oldest LC Club mag that we have, Nov/Dec 1995 to the website library,
Do you have any older issues?
What's the oldest one you have?

Also we'd love to hear what you would like to see in the library. There are some guides from Stan the Man, to be added, but is there anything specific you'd like to see?

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Our very good friends at Footman James are running a series of Q&A's, specifically about insurance for classic motorcycles.
Here is the first, ohh and don't forget to claim your LC Club discount when taking out insurance with them.

See the attached image for this months Q&A or click the link below to go to their website.

Website Downtime Notice.
The LC Club website will be taken down on Monday 28th November, for a server side update. We have been told this could take up to 24 hours but it probably won't be more than a couple.

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The membership database has finally been migrated to the club website, after much more manual intervention than was at first anticipated. So what does this mean? Well it means you can manage, pay for and receive reminders about your membership through your login.

A login link has been added to the right hand end of the site menu (the Forum linked is now under the Home menu button, to accommodate this). You can use either your membership email or user name (typically the first part of your email before the @) and your password. If you have not set one you will be asked to set a password. If you have already set one but have forgotten then use the forgot password button.

Once logged in you will be able to access the member only content of the sight. This is accessed via the drop-down menu below membership (currently just the LC Club Library), see the images attached to this post for more detail.
If you are not a current member you will not be able to see this content, but instead will see an excerpt and a prompt to register, which will take you to the membership selection and purchase pages.

You can still currently buy membership via the shop, but this may be phased out once all the teething problems have been sorted out with the site membership method.

If you have any problems logging in or any other website related problems please contact me at
Please quote your membership email or name or membership number or preferably all 3 when you contact me, as it will help me find you on the database.

P.S. If you have any requests/suggestions for member content you can send them to me as well.
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This applies to club members only:
Just another reminder that you may well get an email below from our very impersonal LC Club spam bot.
"An administrator at LC Club has changed a membership level for ‘Your Name’.
The new level is Standard. This membership will expire on ‘the date it expires’.
Log in to your WordPress admin here: website link
What this means is that you have now been added to the website database and will have access to all the member content, when it has been switched on, as well as be able to update your membership details.
The membership levels explained.
Standard = standard UK membership
Overseas = standard overseas membership
Family = family UK membership
Overseas family = overseas family membership

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Website News
We are very close to integrating the club membership to the website. While we are implementing this change over, you may well receive an email stating that your membership level has been changed or some other notification of change to your account. This may be more relevant to members who have already purchased items through the web shop and you may well receive more than 1 notification. Please bare with us, we will do our absolute best to minimise the amount of emails sent.

Please do not worry, your actual club membership will be unaffected and will continue as per normal. This change will allow us to activate the member only content of the website which we are slowly adding to at the moment. It will also mean that you will be able to manage your membership directly through the website, making things easier for yourselves and us. We will also be adding further payment gateways in the future such as credit cards and Stripe.

Once up and running you will be able to access all of the current areas of the website and only require login if you want to access the member content or change any of your account details. It may ask you to log in if it does

If you do encounter any problems or want further clarification you can contact us at
Home - LC Club
Home - LC Club

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Microaces - Making History!
Microaces - Making History!

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