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Good Evening All - Not posted in here for a long while! Hope you are all well and if you were at Abaddon in Edinburgh i hope you had a good day! 

So - a few RES and ENL agents have got together after the madness of the Abaddon anomaly to talk about some X Faction field art and we've decided we would like to do a star burst using 2 portals side by side.

Due to portal density and what not we've narrowed 2 portals down to the fair village of Fallin and the portals in question are here >>>,-3.869671&z=17 Miners Memorial Park and Miners Memorial Statue.

At this stage I'm posting this here to gauge interest in farming keys for the anchors in Fallin. If you want into the planning HO then please PM myself or +Phaous McConnell and more importantly please leave these portals alone if you'd be so kind - farming mods will be added to these in the coming days - please feel free to collect some keys on your daily commute or whatever and pop them in your Muffy G's :)

Looking to do this link star on the 22nd / 23rd December out to areas such as Bridge Of Allan, Menstrie, Torwood, Clackmannan and a few longer links for the North, South, East West points of the star.

I've rabbled enough now - hope you'll join in with some X Faction art and get some nice AP and steps towards connector badger :)


Hi all.
I'm quite new!

Enlightened agent @mupps hey hey hey

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Apparently some of you lot are famous!

An ingress related group that you've all been hiding from me in!  Shocking!! =D

Hi all, I'm Mandy - in game @Kashandara - and I'm an alcoholic... no wait, wrong community!  Enlightened, based out of Stirling, I do occassionally come through your way to help out, or to annoy Mike.  One or the other!

Hello.  Just started playing today as Enlightened on iOS.  Live in Bonnybridge so not sure there's any nodes near me.  Currently travelling to Edinburgh Park by train for work, so hoping to pick up some XMs along the way there.  Nearest node near work is the resistance owned Clocktower Estate on South Gyle Crescent.  Hope to hack with some of you soon. :)

howdy folks , been playing slowly for a month or so, bouncing between Falkirk and Livingston

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Hello, I'm not anywhere near Falkirk, or Edinburgh, or Scotland, but I have a question about a portal near your location that I am hoping someone there can answer. The Proposal 90, A Signpost to Jupiter portal at Jupiter Artwork points 70 degrees up from the horizon but I can not find any information about in which compass direction it points. The shadow in one picture seems to fall in the same direction the arrow points, which would indicate it points somewhere North. but I was hoping to get more information.

Hey, just came upon this; thought I'd join an say hi as I've been a bit more active in Falkirk recently

Congrats to Mike on the birth of his baby boy!! Bound to join the resistance when hes older - just like Star Wars :)
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