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K guys, so as owner I HAVE to make rules. Lol sry if ima mousebrain...

1) NO ADS.
2) No fighting among clanmates
3) Nu spys. That leads to unfair battle
4) Always post in the right spot
5) Nu being a foxheart (bully)
6) No spys in TTR either

and thats all for now :3

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theere is no "create your cat" so I'll do it here.
(I will edit this when every moon.)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: Snowkit
Gender: She-cat
Age: 0 moons
Rank: Newborn Kit
Personality: Soft, kind, quiet, shy.
Likes: Flowers, snow, quiet places, rivers, water trickling.
Dislikes: Being yelled at, being tesed, being called a kittypet (happens alot).
Food: Anything that's not meat.

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Also on TTR!

district: Eraser Oasis
camp: CAD (Chip and Dales)
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