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Adoptables up for AJ items!

I am looking for:
Good AJ items
(and possibly AJPW items, depending on what they are)

I'd like it if offers started at a Good Long Wristband and went up from there.

If I am unhappy with the offers I get for them, I will most likely keep them or try again another time.

1. State your entire offer CLEARLY in the comments. If you wish to add to your offer, list everything you offered before PLUS the new items in a new comment.
2. State which one you want.
3. State whether you're offering AJPW or AJPC items.
4. List your username and membership status.
5. Also, maybe tell me what you would use them for? Thanks. I just worry sometimes that people don't actually use my designs and they just either sit around in someones computer files or just get given and traded away again.

As I said before, if I am unhappy with the offers, I will most likely keep them.
Note: These are NOT free!

1. Taken by:

2. Taken by:

3. Taken by:

My AJ User:

My AJPW User:

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Any offers for this?

I'm a fan of animals and I'm NOT looking for human oc's unless they have a fairly unique design.

Does anyone want to assist me on creating a new species?

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Looking to trade this girl for a different oc, So leave your offers below, I'm sorry if I decline.

+1 by me= Hmm....

If I respond with "DEAL" then it's a deal.


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Anyone have some gems for trade? I have her to offer or I can offer customs hhhh.

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Up for grabs
yes i know i've posted this a buncha ti m e s
so yeP i dont know!
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Trading customs? I really need some customs and I would love to do a custom trade with someone! I am looking for gem customs, but I can provide multiple different types of customs to you. The base I will be using is made by me and CANNOT be used by other people. Do not heavily reference or trace the base, it is p2u.

I can make:
-Sapphires (have a separate base because of the one eye)
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This gal is still up for trade! Mainly looking for humans/human like stuff and gems hhh. I'll also be interested in customs!

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Would anyone be interested in trading for this character? I am mainly looking for humans or anthros, though I am open to looking at something else. Won't be super picky, but I am looking for somewhat good looking characters.

Base by me.

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Is anyone interested in trading for one of these characters? First base is by lullabyprince and second by cheebii.

I am mainly looking for humans/human like things, gems, mlp OC's, or anthros, but feel free to offer anything! I am desperate to get these two characters out of my life.
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