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The Nerds-International Network is proud to bring you all of the following shows and blogs. Be sure to check them all out.

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For my next trick, er post, I give you a frightening oddity from The Hamptons of New York.
Behold! The Montauk MONSTER!!

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hey all you sexy bitches! Whats the MeWe page? I would like to join if youll have me...I have a job now and life is sorta getting back to normal...

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Episode 4 is here ladies, gentleman, children and other.

We really hope you enjoy this one! Get ready for some spooky ass shit on your soundclouds, apple podcasts and all that jazz!

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Wise guys inspirational listening
Episodes — CRIMETOWN
Episodes — CRIMETOWN

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My newest post. I return to a love of mine and a wonderful source of gaming inspiration, the audio drama!

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Remember folks, if you have not joined us on MeWe yet, please do. A lot of us have migrated over there and we have been having a blast! No need for anyone to get left out of this nuthouse!

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+Harrison Hunt purchased a bunch of Low-Life material at Con on the Cob and reviews it in this episode.

Put simply, Low-Life is a post-apocalyptic setting by Andy Hopp. But it's much more than that. So sit back and let Harrison take you on this fantastic journey through the mind of a madman.
Bonus Episode - Low-Life Review
Bonus Episode - Low-Life Review

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