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Going SUPER old school tonight and teaching my daughter this game. Anyone remember what this is?

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I'm 10 minutes into Disenchantment on Netflix and it's definitely a medieval Simpsons show. +Karlen Kendrick is sure to like this one.

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Just completed my careers collection for Star Wars RPG. And now starting on Legend of the Five Rings. Oh boy! Lol!

Need help with an adventure idea.

I want to make a scenario for the Dread RPG suitable for tweens. I want to do an adventure along the lines of the Goonies without directly ripping off that film.

So, I know I want it to be a treasure hunt, I want criminals/bad guys, and I want some sort of maze/traps/puzzles.

It would take place in a coastal town in Oregon and the players are all from lower middle class working families.

I was thinking about the bad guys being twin brothers and a younger sister crime team. The sister is a cat burgler and the brothers are tough mook-like characters.

All of the kids have heard the stories about the Hasting House, the large mansion next to the town's hundred year old cemetery.

I'm not sure how to get the kids to want to find a treasure, how to really get the bad guys involved, or just what the encounters/scenes would be.

Any suggestions?

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Day 17: Describe the best compliment you've had while gaming?

GM'ing for 6 other 20 year+ veteran GM's, and having them enjoy it as we are all immersed in my game and tell me they loved it afterward. Priceless.

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So I've lost interest in running Adventures in Middle-earth, so if any of you are looking to add to your collection let me know. I'd like to keep the adventure and region guides together (Rhovanion & Mirkwood Campaign and Rivendell & Eriador Adventures), but the rest can go as individual items.

Thought I'd give you all a shot first before posting it elsewhere.

I can take more detailed pictures of the maps and Loremaster screen packages if you want. I haven't really read much of these books, just flipped through.
New photo by Kelly Hoy
New photo by Kelly Hoy

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Friday!! No RPG's for me this weekend. Just 2 Star Wars Tabletop tournaments. 1 X-wing And 1 Destiny.

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Animated Photo

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Day 17. Describe the best compliment you've had while gaming.

I've received both bad and good comments as a GM. And I believe I've gotten better as the years go by. But I think the best compliment has always been from my good buddy Daryl. He says I'm knowledgeable about the rules, flexible, a and good storyteller.

As a player, the best one I got was from my friend Jaime when he commented the that I have a lot of imagination when it comes to using Advantage and Triumph, etc with the narrative dice from FFG games.
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