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((open role play))
goes to the play ground

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is at my house with +Ruby Mutou The Fox, patamon, agumon, and gabumon's digivice

Kari and Tk: Happy Birthday Tk


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walks around Japan with my mom and dad and patamon in my backpack ((open role play ))

sits outside with patamon ((open role play))

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walks to my summer camp with patamon but some people just see a stuffed animal

This is the place where I'll be staying
Patamon: cool

Tk: are you sure you wanna bring the stuffed animal holds patamon
Me: yeah dad
Tk : well OK see you later
Me: bye dad. I wonder whose my bunkmate
((open role play))

((Open role play))
Jack was driving along the coast of California, Kudomon wrapped around his neck like a scarf. Suddenly, it started to get extremely windy. Kudomon then perked his ears and rose up.
"What's up, Kudomon?"
Kudomon: "I sense a strong Digimon presence."

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Name: Jack "Odin" Font
Digimon: Kudomon 
Age: 23
Jack's childhood was very intense. He was raised by his single father, who was in the military, doing training and practicing his marksmanship like anyone in the army would. He learned about Digimon when his phone changed into a D Ark, and his partner cam out of the small device. During training, Jack lost his left eye from a grenade blast. Ever since then, he earned the nickname Odin, for, like the Norse God Odin, he gained knowledge and became an excellent strategist for the army.
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((open role play))
walks around town holding my digivice

Name: takahasi "Tk" koru
Age: 8
Digimon: patamon
(Original digimon)
Bio : I'm Tk's daughter HR gave me some kind of device he said that he had it when he was a kid.
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