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The service dog in the picture above died in July, 2012. I applied for another (3rd) service dog, a kind of assistance dog, in October, 2012. I thought #2 SD would survive his cancer. He did not.

Recently, I heard that I may have a service dog, my third, being trained for me. I say
"may" because he is had an intestinal upset when he first went to a city. That may or may not be an indication. Service dogs need to be very steady. This group, thankfully, is very particular about placing just any dog with an applicant. My last dog, though I loved him a lot, was not well trained - he was definitely given to me because the organization needed funds. The trainer was having family problems with a daughter, and it was 90 degrees outside where my need for air conditioning was ignored. I believe I was chosen also because a foundation was funding me and they had been trying to get funding from that foundation. I was their "in". My sweet guy was unready for placement. Fortunately I had an excellent field trainer for my first service dog. I used the same techniques to train my second service guy for me. He was just getting to a really good point when he developed a limp that he had had in August but I thought it was a sprain. In November the limp did not heal with a baby aspirin. My third service dog has been raised in the mountains of NH. So I will either begin training with him in late January, February or March. It depends on how he does in final training.

I have some trepidation about him because of his intestinal reactions to regular food. He needs a grain free diet. I am looking for a job - I have a good lead to day and it is local and in the right area for what I am studying.

That is the latest. Now to brush up my resume. I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year...and a winter without the snow of 2014 except in the mountains!!!

The picture is of my sweet Lunar Sky in his last days. He was on prednisone, always panting, drinking water a lot, and going outside with me at all hours of the night and day. I did not mind - caring for him was good for him and good for me - I learned a lot even as my heart was breaking, then broken, and now nearly healed but I do not think I will ever forget him or Abby, the first. I do not have Abby's ashes - I regret that terribly. That is the update!

The other photo is of my sweet, goofy boy surrounded by Cathy and Tom and myself with an expression that is so similar to my mother. I never notice that before. I've lost about 40 of those pounds - I keep trying in between MS attacks. If anyone knows of funding sources. Please let me know.
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