Bell Music Update

The bell music has been refreshed!  

Thanks to the staff and students who submitted song suggestions.

The refreshed bell tunes are:
- Never Gonna Give You Up 
- Ghostbusters (From “Ghostbusters”)
- Stressed Out
- 7 Years
- Faded
- When I Come Around 
- Unwritten
- Lush Life
- Tonight Again

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For BYOD users without photoshop..
Due to licensing, we are limited in our ability to install photoshop on byo computers. That doesn't mean you are without options for graphics software..
One that looks quite familiar to anyone who has used photoshop or paint shop pro and easy to use is Pixlr.

official site

chrome store

This app is a google chrome browser plugin which means that it works on any machine, plus its free.

If you're still looking for a graphics application this might be one to try out.

For Windows 10 Users...

There's a little background service running on windows 10 that will collect data about your machine and send it back to Microsoft. This is in addition to the sharing and data collection options that you have when upgrading or installing.

I like informed choices so here's a tip..

run services.msc
look for a service called 'diagnostic tracking service'
right click, properties and change startup type to manual, press STOP and OK
If you have installed the latest service patch, it has been renamed to 'Connect User Experience and Telemetry Service'

If you find applications not working after the change, turn the service back on and test.

related link

No one wants to be without Wi-Fi & Internet access. We have been working on a system to provide guests visiting LSC with temporary Wi-Fi and Internet access.  Please email with the name and email address of your guest(s) and we can provide them with the details they will require to connect to our wireless network.

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For the students studying visual arts/media...

is this the future of entertainment?

Using GoPro' they have recorded theatre in a 360 degree experience. Couple this with google cardboard and your smartphone..
It could be interesting way to immerse yourself in new media.

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An interesting app with Christmas just around the corner. Heard about on JJJ radio.
Goodonyou app can be used to influence your clothing shopping based on the reputability of companies on criteria such as how well they treat their workers, environment, etc. Worth a thought after the Bangladesh tragedy in 2013.

what interesting app have you come across recently?

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Check your google chrome browser is up to date by clicking on the 3 lines icon (top right corner), Settings and 'About'
This generally updates automatically.

Your version should be 46.0.2490.86 or later.
Some vulnerabilities exist prior to this version so it's worthwhile keeping it up to date. 

Any questions, please visit the IT office/helpdesk


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Bonus Data Today!
 Today we have increased all student quotas to enable students to updated their device to the latest operating system.  Keeping your device up-to-date is extremely important, this helps keep your device in good working order and helps protect your device from the latest security threats.

If you would like to leave your device charging and installing the update during recess or lunch time the IT Support office will be open and IT staff will be available to assist.

If you have any questions please log a support request or email us
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