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Open Characters, tell me if I forgot anyone

Hiro/ Open

Fred/ Open

Wasabi/ Open

Baymax/ Open

Hiro/ Open

Honey Lemon/ Open

Merida/ Open

Rapunzel/ Open

Eugine/ Open

Pastel/ Open

Maximus/ Open

Anna/ Taken

Elsa/ Taken

Hans/ Open

Kristoff/ Open

Olaf/ Open

Hiccup/ Open

Astrid/ Open

Tuffnut/ Open

Ruffnut/ Open

Snotlout/ Open

Eret/ Open

Fishlegs/ Open

Toothless/ Taken

those names were so hard to spell... you have no idea how crazy that was to find the last few's names, and spell them correctly...

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amezing dancing

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Name: Fire Ruby (Ruby for short)

Age: 18 years

Gender: Female

Likes: Fire, Her very few friends

Dislikes: Water, anything that burns easily, and people that hunt her for the achievement of killing a legendary creature

Side: Cats'

Bio: Her parents abandoned her, they thought she wouldn't make it, and left with her older brother, never to return. She had to teach herself to fly, hunt, and not to set stuff on fire, she hates having to use her fire to attack, and never does it unless absolutely necessary, also her left wing has a defect, that makes it more difficult to fly...

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Name- Toothless
Species- Nightfury
Gender- Female ((I know it's a male in the movie but I'm a girl so deal with it you haters!))
Age- about 22 ((according to the movie))
Likes- fish, my friends
Dislikes- Eels, evil people
Bio- ((do I have to do a bio? People have seen the movies. Also I don't want to be tamed by Hiccup))
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Name: Elsa
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Likes: Snow, being alone and free, chocolate
Dislikes: Being called a monster, colds
Who's side your on: Cats
Bio: If you haven't seen Frozen by now, you've at least probably heard about the story. 
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Here's clays picture. I forgot to post it :)

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Name: Lauren 
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Likes: Cats!! Purple, Running
Dislikes: mean people, darkness
Who's side your on: Cats!!!
Bio: When Lauren was young, she meet a cat that was abandoned and cared for it. 

((After the spell was placed on Socks that turned him human, everyone that lives in Arendale, I am so sorry for you, Socks is a bit.. annoying))

What, happened..? looks at the ice in front of him, and realises he's human, exept for his ears and tail I should have known what the spell was... Dang it... Well, I can tell.. I'm most likely no longer immune to fire... and probably the weapon thing doesn't work... At least I still have my sword.. enchanted or not... Where the heck am I even?! looks into the pond again, he has a ginger t-shirt, which is making his nearly freeze, considering it's winter, and he has ginger pants, and a belt with a sheathe to hold his sword, his hair is also orange colored Maybe there's a way to get back home.. but I don't think so... Oh well, I might as well get a fire started so I don't freeze the wind suddently picks up, and he starts to shiver, snow starts to fall, and Socks knows he has to immediately start a fire, or he'll freeze
((Open Roleplay))
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